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Report 16. Soil profile description for selected sites in Haiti 

Guthrie, Richard L.; Rousseau, Pierre M.; Hunter, Arthur Gene; Enilorac, Marie-Paule (2019-09-18)
Reliable recommendations for the development of agroforestry systems require accurate descriptions of the environment. Information on the properties of soils in selected sites is needed to expand agroforestry in regions ...

Report 21. Factors affecting seedling mortality in Haitian agroforestry 

Elver, Harry (2019-09-18)
This study examined several factors influencing the mortality of samples of seedlings used in the Agroforestry II Project. Measurements were made of the rootball condition, leaf drop, plant turgor and internal box temperatures ...

Report 02. An interim report on influences of inoculation with nitrogen-fixing symbionts on reforestation efforts in Haiti 

Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-10)
Many of the tree species produced in the AOP are able to fix nitrogen when their roots are colonized with the appropriate symbiotic microorganisms. In order to ensure colonization, tree seeds are inoculated at planting ...

Report 06. The charcoal market in Haiti : Northwest to Port-au-Prince 

Street, Donald R. (2019-09-10)
The segment of the charcoal market from the Northwest to Port-au-Prince and vicinity is an important link to different components of Haiti's economy. Changes inthe charcoal market may affect the economy's environmental ...

Report 10. Impact des haies vives sur la production agricole 

Rousseau, Pierre M.; Hunter, Arthur Gene; Enilorac, Marie-Paule (2019-10-03)
Declining yields and land degradation are becoming more dramatic every year in spite of increasing foreign aid. Population growth far exceeds food production capacities. However, the effects of all agricultural development ...

Report 20. Storage conditions and pre-germination methods for seed of selected tropical tree species 

Timyan, Joël (2019-10-03)
This document summarizes tree seed storage conditions and pre-germination methods of major species utilized in Agroforestry II, a USAID funded agroforestry project in Haiti. The study is not meant to be an exhaustive ...

Report 11. Outline of techniques for use in studying agroforestry hedgerows and alley cropping systems in Haiti 

Hunter, Arthur Gene; Rousseau, Pierre M.; Enilorac, Marie-Paule (2019-09-10)
Research methods for obtaining tree, crop, and soil data from Haitian hedgerow agroforestry systems are presented. Most of the procedures were developed during on-farm survey research conducted by Haiti Agroforestry Research ...

Bwa yo: important trees of Haiti 

Timyan, Joël (2020-03-02)
Trees and their forest habitats have played a major role in creating a fertile environment in Haiti. The ecological fabric that has nurtured the soil and supported life for millennia gradually has been unraveled by human ...