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Report 11. Outline of techniques for use in studying agroforestry hedgerows and alley cropping systems in Haiti


Hunter, Arthur Gene
Rousseau, Pierre M.
Enilorac, Marie-Paule


Research methods for obtaining tree, crop, and soil data from Haitian hedgerow agroforestry systems are presented. Most of the procedures were developed during on-farm survey research conducted by Haiti Agroforestry Research Project (HARP) scientists. They have been used successfully in researcher-managed trials on demonstration sites and for farmer-managed dispersed experiments. Data need to be collected in an homogenous fashion so that they can easily be compared. Indeed, problems encountered in comparing existing results from different research projects in various regions are due in part to differences in research methods. The procedures described in this paper can assist in standardizing research methods used in hedgerow and alley cropping systems. A reliable research data base on Haitian agroforestry hedgerow and alley cropping systems can then be achieved which, along with the techniques, will also be useful in other countries.