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Leading by design: Creating a 21st century teaching and learning environment 

Boosinger, Marcia; Leousis, Kasia; Rumble, Juliet; Schmidt, Greg; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-16)
Auburn University librarians share how information gathered about their users guided design recommendations for a merged library and classroom facility at their institution. They reflect on user studies and their implications ...

The Librarian's Dilemma 

Bullinger, Delaney; Strahan, KayLee; 0000-0002-7664-246X (2019-08-29)
Librarians who work with incarcerated individuals face the dilemma of being asked to participate in a restrictive system while also adhering to universally accepted intellectual freedom standards. Prison librarians ...

Librarian's Role in General Education: Authentically Assessing Information Literacy Skills via English Composition Classes 

Carter, Toni (2014-04-12)
This poster reports on a method used at Auburn University Libraries to assess information literacy skills of students that incorporates both formative and summative authentic assessment.

Libraries in the Digital Age: A View from the United States 

Trehub, Aaron (2013-04-05)
An overview of technology-related trends affecting academic libraries in the United States and elsewhere. Includes digital repositories, virtual libraries, Web-scale discovery, open-source library systems, digital preservation, ...

Library Alphabet Soup: Tips and Resources When the Item in Hand is Not Written in the Latin Alphabet 

Shipman, Todd (2017-07-12)
It is not uncommon for both academic and public librarians to have items, especially gift books, that are in another language that they have either to evaluate for addition to the collection or to catalog. Quite often, ...

Library instruction for students in speech-language pathology and audiology: Which databases should be covered? 

Grabowsky, Adelia (2016-07-14)
Purpose: 1) To determine which databases are commonly recommended for students in speech-language pathology (SLP) and audiology programs 2) To compare journal indexing in those databases to decide which ones should be ...

Library Workshops for Faculty Preparing for Promotion and Tenure Reviews 

Shipman, Todd (2017-07-12)
Faculty who are gathering materials in preparation for a third year, tenure or promotion review may often contact their subject librarians or ILL to get publications or specific data about selected journals, including ...

LOCKSS Networks: Community-Based Digital Preservation 

Trehub, Aaron; Davis, Corey; Jordan, Mark; May, Cinda; Meister, Sam (2018-12-13)
Ten years ago, the landscape of working digital preservation (DP) solutions and/or networks was sparsely populated. Today, there is an increasing variety of DP approaches and solutions to choose from. Institutions can ...

Long Embargo Periods and External Publication for Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2016-09-22)
Embargo periods for Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) collections require librarians to balance the needs of content consumers (end-users) with those of content creators (ETD authors)--consumers want access to ...

Look What’s under Our Tent: A Fresh Approach to Library Orientations 

Rumble, J.; Noe, N. (2015-05-15)
Auburn University Libraries is exploring new ways to reach users by rethinking and redefining traditional library orientations and open houses. Last year’s “Tailgate at the Library” event, held at the beginning of Fall ...

The Management and Support of Outreach in Academic Libraries 

Carter, Toni; Seaman, Priscilla (2014-07-27)
The promotion of services in academic libraries often falls under the purview of outreach. This paper explores a number of questions regarding library outreach, specifically how libraries manage and support the marketing ...

The Management and Support of Outreach in Academic Libraries 

Carter, Toni; Seaman, Priscilla (2014-07-14)
The promotion of services in academic libraries often falls under the purview of outreach. This paper explores a number of questions regarding library outreach, specifically how libraries manage and support the marketing ...

Microaggressions, harassment, and workplace stress 

Thomas, Chippewa; Whaley, Pambanisha; Alabi, Jaena (2021-12-01)
A panel presentation about microaggressions, harassment, which can contribute to workplace stress. Potential strategies for mitigating the negative effects of experiencing these phenomena are also presented. Part of the ...

Mindfulness to Manage Workplace Stress and Microaggressions 

Thomas, Chippewa; Whaley, Pambanisha; Alabi, Jaena (2020-07-14)
Navigating workplace stress and microaggressions—verbal and non-verbal messages that are invalidating or demeaning—can be difficult in any profession, but is especially challenging in service-oriented professions like ...

Mixing in new colors: Using a train-the-trainer model to build an information literacy program 

Hartman, Patricia; Perry, Valerie; Newhouse, Renae (2014-05-15)
Using the train-the-trainer model as our foundation, we created a new information literacy program in an introductory Biology lab. We will describe the program’s development, implementation, and evolution since its ...

Mountain or Molehill? Developing Online Tutorials on Web Source Evaluation 

Bullinger, Delaney; 0000-0002-7664-246X (2020-04-22)
This poster will discuss Auburn University’s two newest online Articulate tutorials on web source and news source evaluation. The poster will discuss our philosophy behind separating online web source and news source ...

Navigating the Open Access Landscape 

Krzton, Ali; Krzton, Alicia (2017-10-31)
This talk was given during Open Access Week to raise awareness of issues in OA. Open access became important initially due to a sharp rise in journal costs while library budgets remained flat, even as the Internet greatly ...

Off the Airplane and into the Library: Making a Good First Impression in Any Language 

Hartman, Patricia J.; Farrell, Bridget S. (2015-09-15)
At Auburn University, new international students receive their initial library orientation and tour within days of arrival. Considering that they are among our most frequent library users, it is important that we address ...

Open Access Publishing, AUrora, and You 

Trehub, Aaron; Alabi, Jaena; Mackiewicz, Jo (2013-05-07)
Jaena Alabi (Libraries), Jo Mackiewicz (Technical & Professional Communication), and Aaron Trehub (Libraries) discuss the benefits of open-access publishing through AUrora, Auburn’s institutional repository. Among the ...