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Data for: Adaptive seasonal shift towards investment in fewer, larger offspring: Evidence from field and laboratory studies 

Hall, Joshua M; Mitchell, Timothy S; Thawley, Christopher J; Stroud, James T; Warner, Daniel A; 0000-0002-5587-3402 (2019-12-20)
1. Seasonal changes in reproduction have been described for many taxa. As reproductive seasons progress, females often shift from greater energetic investment in many small offspring towards investing less total energy ...

Data for: Ecologically relevant thermal fluctuations enhance offspring fitness: biological and methodological implications for studies of thermal developmental plasticity 

Hall, Joshua M; Warner, Daniel A; 0000-0002-5587-3402 (2020-08-03)
Natural thermal environments are notably complex and challenging to mimic in controlled studies. Consequently, our understanding of the ecological relevance and underlying mechanisms of organismal responses to thermal ...