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Reptile Embryos Lack the Opportunity to Thermoregulate by Moving within the Egg 

Telemeco, Rory; Gangloff, Eric; Cordero, Gerardo; Mitchell, Timothy; Bodensteiner, Brooke; Holden, Kaitlyn; Mitchell, Sarah; Polich, Rebecca; Janzen, Fredric; 0000-0002-2101-3295; 0000-0002-7136-769X; 0000-0002-9137-1741 (2023-05-17)
Historically, egg-bound reptile embryos were thought to passively thermoconform to the nest environment. However, recent observations of thermal taxis by embryos of multiple reptile species have led to the widely discussed ...

Why are incubation periods longer in the tropics? A common-garden experiment with house wrens reveals it is all in the egg 

Robinson, Douglas; Styrsky, John; Payne, Brian; Harper, Given; Thompson, Charles; 0000-0003-2240-0606 (2023-05-17)
Incubation periods of Neotropical birds are often longer than those of related species at temperate latitudes. We conducted a common-garden experiment to test the hypothesis that longer tropical incubation periods result ...

Plumage color as a composite trait: Developmental and functional integration of sexual ornamentation 

Badyaev, Alexander; Hill, Geoffrey; Dunn, Peter; Glen, John; 0000-0002-7450-4194; 0000-0001-8864-6495 (2023-05-17)
Most studies of condition-dependent sexual ornaments have treated such ornaments as single traits. However, sexual ornaments are often composites of several components, each produced by partially independent developmental ...

Bacteria as an agent for change in structural plumage color: Correlational and experimental evidence 

Shawkey, Matthew; Pillai, Shreekumar; Hill, Geoffrey; Siefferman, Lynn; Roberts, Sharon; 0000-0001-8864-6495; 0000-0002-5131-8209; 0000-0002-9600-2902 (2023-05-17)
Recent studies have documented that a diverse assemblage of bacteria is present on the feathers of wild birds and that uropygial oil affects these bacteria in diverse ways. These findings suggest that birds may regulate ...

Generation time, elasticity patterns, and mammalian life histories: A reply to Gaillard et al. 

Dobson, F. Stephen; Oli, Madan K.; 0000-0001-5562-6316; 0000-0001-6944-0061 (2023-05-17)

Selective predation on Utah prairie dogs 

Hoogland, John; Cannon, Kristin; Manno, Theodore; DeBarbieri, Lili (2023-05-17)
Predation always affects demography and population dynamics, but removal of certain types of individuals is especially consequential. Predators strike quickly and commonly avoid areas with human observers, however, and ...

The relative importance of life-history variables to population growth rate in mammals: Cole's prediction revisited 

Oli, Madan; Dobson, F. Stephen; 0000-0001-5562-6316 (2023-05-17)
The relative importance of life-history variables to population growth rate (lambda) has substantial consequences for the study of life-history evolution and for the dynamics of biological populations. Using life-history ...

Micro- and Macroevolutionary Trade-Offs in Plant-Feeding Insects 

Peterson, Daniel; Hardy, Nate; Normark, Benjamin; 0000-0002-6267-9552; 0000-0002-3024-3068 (2023-05-17)
A long-standing hypothesis asserts that plant-feeding insects specialize on particular host plants because of negative interactions (trade-offs) between adaptations to alternative hosts, yet empirical evidence for such ...

Data from: Dynamics of honey bee colony death and its implications for Varroa destructor mite transmission using observation hives 

Smith, Michael L.; (2023-01-14)
This dataset contains the data which were collected for the "dynamics of death" research project. There are four data files attached: one readme file, and three sets of data.

Data for: Does it pay to pay? A comparison of the benefits of open-access publishing across various sub-fields in biology 

Steury, Todd; Stevison, Laurie; 0000-0001-6754-8319 (2022-12-09)
Here we provide the R data objects used for the analysis reported in "Does it pay to pay? A comparison of the benefits of open-access publishing across various sub-fields in Biology".


Dobson, F. Stephen; Michener, Gail R.; (2022-12-06)
Differences among conspecifics in body mass result from underlying differences in structural size and physiological condition. To determine whether the structural or physiological component of body mass has a stronger ...

A test of reproductive power in snakes 

Boback, Scott M.; Guyer, Craig (2022-12-06)
Reproductive power is a contentious concept among ecologists, and the model has been criticized on theoretical and empirical grounds. Despite these criticisms, the model has successfully predicted the modal (optimal) size ...

Fluctuating environments hinder the ability of female lizards to choose suitable nest sites for their embryos 

Warner, Daniel; Connor, Kelly; Pruett, Jenna; Fargevieille, Amélie; Klabacka, Randy; 0000-0001-7231-7785 (2022-11-07)
Nesting behavior is an important part of reproduction that affects maternal fitness. Females of most oviparous species choose microhabitats for nesting that have positive effects on embryo development. However, choosing ...

BAM files associated with Macaca arctoides hybridization analysis 

Stevison, Laurie; 0000-0001-7900-5266 (2022-10-12)
Genital divergence is thought to contribute to reproductive barriers by establishing a “lock-and-key" mechanism for reproductive compatibility. One such example, Macaca arctoides, the bear macaque, has compensatory changes ...

Reduced Mitochondrial Respiration in Hybrid Asexual Lizards 

Klabacka, Randy; Parry, Hailey; Yap, Kang Nian; Cook, Ryan; Herron, Victoria; Horne, Miles; Wolak, Matthew; Maldonado, Jose; Fujita, Matthew; Kavazis, Andreas; Oaks, Jamie; Schwartz, Tonia; 0000-0001-8805-1520 (2022-09-20)
The scarcity of asexual reproduction in vertebrates alludes to an inherent cost. Several groups of asexual vertebrates exhibit lower endurance capacity (a trait predominantly sourced by mitochondrial respiration) compared ...

Amphibian Speciation Rates Support a General Role of Mountains as Biodiversity Pumps 

García-Rodríguez, Adrián; Martínez, Pablo; Oliveira, Brunno; Velasco, Julián; Pyron, Alexander; Costa, Gabriel; 0000-0002-9831-2963 (2022-09-20)
Continental mountain areas cover <15% of global land surface, yet these regions concentrate >80% of global terrestrial diversity. One prominent hypothesis to explain this pattern proposes that high mountain diversities ...

Expansion of the Range of the Introduced Greenhouse Frog, Eleutherodactylus planirostris, in Coastal Alabama 

Alix, Diane M.; Guyer, Craig; Anderson, Christopher J. (2022-09-16)
Eleutherodactylus planirostris (Greenhouse Frog), originally from Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Florida Keys, has been introduced to mainland Florida and has spread across the southeastern US. We used automated recording ...

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