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Molecular genetic evidence that dinoflagellates belonging to the genus Symbiodinium freudenthal are haploid 

Santos, Scott R; Coffroth, Mary Alice (2019-08-02)
Microscopic and cytological evidence suggest that many dinoflagellates possess a haploid nuclear phase. However, the ploidy of a number of dinoflagellates remains unknown, and molecular genetic support for haploidy in this ...

Reef endemism, host specificity and temporal stability in populations of symbiotic dinoflagellates from two ecologically dominant Caribbean corals 

Thornhill, Daniel J; Xiang, Yu; Fitt, William K; Santos, Scott R (2019-07-01)
BACKGROUND: The dinoflagellate genus Symbiodinium forms symbioses with numerous protistan and invertebrate metazoan hosts. However, few data on symbiont genetic structure are available, hindering predictions of how these ...