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Discovery and evolution of novel hemerythrin genes in annelid worms 

Costa-Paiva, Elisa M.; Whelan, Nathan V; Waits, Damien S; Santos, Scott R.; Schrago, Carlos G.; Halanych, Kenneth M. (2019-04-29)
BACKGROUND: Despite extensive study on hemoglobins and hemocyanins, little is known about hemerythrin (Hr) evolutionary history. Four subgroups of Hrs have been documented, including: circulating Hr (cHr), myohemerythrin ...

Nemertean toxin genes revealed through transcriptome sequencing 

Whelan, Nathan V; Kocot, Kevin M; Santos, Scott R; Halanych, Kenneth M (2019-04-29)
Nemerteans are one of few animal groups that have evolved the ability to utilize toxins for both defense and subduing prey, but little is known about specific nemertean toxins. In particular, no study has identified specific ...