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Accurate virial coefficients of gaseous krypton from state-of-the-art ab initio potential and polarizability of the krypton dimer 

Song, Bo; Waldrop, Jonathan M.; Wang, Xiaopo; Patkowski, Konrad; (2020-06-25)
We have developed a new krypton-krypton interaction-induced isotropic dipole polarizability curve based on high-level ab initio methods. The determination was carried out using the coupled-cluster singles and doubles plus ...

The Adaptive Bleaching Hypothesis: Experimental Tests of Critical Assumptions 

Kinzie, R. A; Takayama, M; Santos, S.R; Coffroth, M. A. (2019-08-02)
Coral bleaching, the loss of color due to loss of symbiotic zooxanthellae or their pigment, appears to be increasing in intensity and geographic extent, perhaps related to increasing sea surface temperatures. The adaptive ...

Aeroacoustics of wind musical instruments 

Giordano, Nicholas (2017-10-24)
This is a record of a dataset deposit.

Assignment of photoelectron spectra of halide–water clusters: Contrasting patterns of delocalization in Dyson orbitals 

Dolgounitcheva, O.; Zakrzewski, V. G.; Ortiz, J. V.; Ortiz, Joseph V. (2020-01-16)
Ab initio electron propagator calculations in various self-energy approximations provide accurate assignments of peaks observed in the photoelectron spectra of complexes that comprise a fluoride or chloride anion and two ...

Basis set converged weak interaction energies from conventional and explicitly correlated coupled-cluster approach 

Patkowski, Konrad (2020-01-16)
Interaction energies for seven weakly bound dimers involving helium, argon, water, and methane are computed using large correlation-consistent basis sets augmented with bond functions. The estimates of the coupled-cluster ...

Biogeochemical and Microbial Variation across 5500 km of Antarctic Surface Sediment Implicates Organic Matter as a Driver of Benthic Community Structure 

Learman, Deric R; Henson, Michael W.; Thrash, J. Cameron; Temperton, Ben; Brannock, Pamela M; Santos, Scott R; Mahon, Andrew R; Halanych, Kenneth M (2019-04-29)
Western Antarctica, one of the fastest warming locations on Earth, is a unique environment that is underexplored with regards to biodiversity. Although pelagic microbial communities in the Southern Ocean and coastal Antarctic ...

Bounded Complete Embedding Graphs, Extended Version 

Aust, Jennifer Katherine (2015-07-08)
This is the extended version of my dissertation, "Bounded Complete Embedding Graphs." This version is presented in three parts, each in a separate file. [Part 1] Bounded Complete Embedding Graphs [Part 2] Extension ...

Classification of a Hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila Pathotype Responsible for Epidemic Outbreaks in Warm-Water Fishes 

Rasmussen-Ivey, Cody R.; Hossain, Mohammad J.; Odom, Sara E; Terhun, Jeffery S.; Hemstreet, William G; Shoemaker, Craig A; Zhang, Dunhu; Xu, De-Hai; Griffin, Matt J; Liu, Yong-Jie; Figueras, Maria J; Santos, Scott R; Newton, Joseph C; Liles, Mark R (2019-04-29)
Lineages of hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila (vAh) are the cause of persistent outbreaks of motile Aeromonas septicemia in warm-water fishes worldwide. Over the last decade, this virulent lineage of A. hydrophila has ...

Cluster perturbation theory. I. Theoretical foundation for a coupled cluster target state and ground-state energies 

Pawlowski, Filip; Olsen, Jeppe; Jorgensen, Poul; 0000-0002-5928-2140 (2020-05-20)
We introduce a new class of perturbation models-the cluster perturbation (CP) models-where the major drawbacks of Moller-Plesset perturbation theory and coupled cluster perturbation theory have been eliminated. In CP theory, ...

Cluster perturbation theory. II. Excitation energies for a coupled cluster target state 

Pawlowski, Filip; Olsen, Jeppe; Jorgensen, Poul; 0000-0002-5928-2140 (2020-05-07)
In cluster perturbation (CP) theory, we consider a target excitation space relative to a Hartree-Fock state and partition the target excitation space into a parent excitation space and an auxiliary excitation space. The ...

Cluster perturbation theory. III. Perturbation series for coupled cluster singles and doubles excitation energies 

Baudin, Pablo; Pawlowski, Filip; Bykov, Dmytro; Liakh, Dimitry; Kristensen, Kasper; Olsen, Jeppe; Jorgensen, Poul; 0000-0002-5928-2140 (2020-05-07)
The cluster perturbation series, CPS(D), for coupled cluster singles and doubles excitation energies is considered. It is demonstrated that the second-order model CPS(D-2) is identical to the configuration interaction ...

Cluster perturbation theory. IV. Convergence of cluster perturbation series for energies and molecular properties 

Pawlowski, Filip; Olsen, Jeppe; Jorgensen, Poul; 0000-0002-5928-2140 (2020-05-20)
The theoretical foundation has been developed for establishing whether cluster perturbation (CP) series for the energy, molecular properties, and excitation energies are convergent or divergent and for using a two-state ...

Cluster perturbation theory. V. Theoretical foundation for cluster linear target states 

Pawlowski, Filip; Olsen, Jeppe; Jorgensen, Poul; 0000-0002-5928-2140 (2020-05-20)
Cluster perturbation (CP) theory was developed in Paper I [F. Pawlowski et al., J. Chem. Phys. 150, 134108 (2019)] for a coupled cluster (CC) target state and is extended in this paper to comprehend a cluster linear (CL) ...

Communication: Water activation and splitting by single metal-atom anions 

Liu, Gaoxiang; Miliordos, Evangelos; Ciborowski, Sandra M.; Tschurl, Martin; Boesl, Ulrich; Heiz, Ulrich; Zhang, Xinxing; Xantheas, Sotiris S.; Bowen, Kit; (2020-06-25)
We report experimental and computational results pertaining to the activation and splitting of single water molecules by single atomic platinum anions. The anion photoelectron spectra of [Pt(H2O)](-), formed under different ...

Comparison of TWINS and THEMIS observations of proton pitch angle distributions in the ring current during the 29 May 2010 geomagnetic storm 

Grimes, E. W.; Perez, J. D.; Goldstein, J.; McComas, D. J.; Valek, P.; Turner, D. (2020-06-09)
The first comparison between energy-dependent ion pitch angle distributions in the ring current deconvolved from Two Wide-angle Imagining Neutral-atom Spectrometers (TWINS) energetic neutral atom (ENA) images and measured ...

The Comprehensive Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Model 

Fok, M. -C.; Buzulukova, N. Y.; Chen, S. -H.; Glocer, A.; Nagai, T.; Valek, P.; Perez, J. D. (2020-06-05)
Simulation studies of the Earth's radiation belts and ring current are very useful in understanding the acceleration, transport, and loss of energetic particles. Recently, the Comprehensive Ring Current Model (CRCM) and ...

Constantly fluctuating in an inconsistent way: comparing the effects of sinusoidal and naturally fluctuating incubation temperatures on embryo development 

Hall, Joshua M; Warner, Daniel A; (2019-09-15)
Temperature is a commonly studied environmental factor influencing embryo development in oviparous ectotherms. Though most studies use constant temperature incubation conditions, researchers are aware of the effects of ...