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Neo-Pagan Religious Symbolism in the Home 

Tan, Lindsay; Clark Tan, Lindsay; Clark, Lindsay; 0000-0001-7989-1288 (2021-09-09)
This dataset was collected in association with an IRB-approved study of neo-pagan religious symbolism in the home. Specifically, this study examined shrines and altars within the home as an expression of religious symbolism. ...

Evaluating the Role of Parenting in Bullying Prevention 

Norton, Jessica; Duke, Adrienne (2017-11-06)
The aim of this evaluation study is to examine possible moderating effects of adolescent perceived parenting on the effectiveness of the Be SAFE, Affirming, and Fair Environments (Be SAFE) bullying prevention curriculum. ...

References Cummings 

Duke, Adrienne (2018-05-16)
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Modifying for Success: Designing a Bullying Prevention Program Evaluation within the context of Extension 

Norton, Jessica; Duke, Adrienne (2017-11-06)
Implementing school-based programs can prove to be a difficult task, particularly when the programs are facilitated by outside organizations, like Extension. As an outside entity, leaders of these programs must strategize ...

Predicting environmentally responsible apparel consumption behavior of future apparel industry professionals: The role of environmental apparel knowledge, environmentalism and materialism 

Sadachar, Amrut; Feng, Frayen; Karpova, Elena; Manchiraju, Srikant (2017-09-14)
The present study explored several critical constructs related to environmentally responsible apparel consumption, which include environmentalism, materialism and knowledge of environmental issues pertaining to apparel ...

Nerve Growth Factor Receptor TrkA, a New Receptor in Insulin Signaling Pathway in PC12 cells 

Geetha, Thangiah; Rege, Shraddha D.; Mathews, Salome E.; Meakin, Susan O.; White, Morris F.; Babu, Jeganathan Ramesh (2020-01-06)
TrkA is a cell surface transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase for nerve growth factor (NGF). TrkA has an NPXY motif and kinase regulatory loop similar to insulin receptor (INSR) suggesting that NGF→TrkA signaling might ...