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Nerve Growth Factor Receptor TrkA, a New Receptor in Insulin Signaling Pathway in PC12 cells


Geetha, Thangiah
Rege, Shraddha D.
Mathews, Salome E.
Meakin, Susan O.
White, Morris F.
Babu, Jeganathan Ramesh


TrkA is a cell surface transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase for nerve growth factor (NGF). TrkA has an NPXY motif and kinase regulatory loop similar to insulin receptor (INSR) suggesting that NGF→TrkA signaling might overlap with insulin→INSR signaling. During insulin or NGF stimulation TrkA, insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1), INSR (and presumably other proteins) forms a complex in PC12 cells. In PC12 cells, tyrosine phosphorylation of INSR and IRS-1 is dependent upon the functional TrkA kinase domain. Moreover, expression of TrkA kinase−inactive mutant blocked the activation of Akt and Erk5 in response to insulin or NGF. Based on these data, we propose that TrkA participates in insulin signaling pathway in PC12 cells.