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Earle, F. S. (Franklin Sumner), 1856-1929; Austin, C. F. (Clift Fay), b. 1873 (1900-12)

Grapes, raspberries and strawberries 

Newman, J. S. (James Stanley); Clayton, James (1891-11)

Graphic summary of agricultural census data by counties, Alabama--1945 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Agricultural Experiment Station (1945)

Grass worm or fall army worm 

Hinds, W. E.; Dew, J. A. (1915-09)

Grasses of Alabama and their cultivation 

Mell, Patrick Hues, 1850-1918 (1889-07)

Grazing and feeding experiments with pigs 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1903-01)

Grazing peanuts with hogs versus marketing a crop of peanuts 

Templeton, George S. (George Streator), 1887- (1918-12)

Green Feed as a Substitute for Laying Mash for Hens 

King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906- (1947-01)

Greenleaf tabasco : a new tobacco etch virus resistant tabasco pepper variety (Capiscum frutescens L.) 

Greenleaf, W. H. (Walter Helmuth), 1912-; Martin, J. A.; Lease, J. G.; Sims, E. T. (Ernest Theodore); Van Blaricom, L. O. (Lester Oscar), 1910- (1970-12)

Grinding and molassifying hay for dairy cows 

Smith, L. A.; Hawkins, George E. (George Elliott), 1919-; Kelley, W. B. (1959-08)

Growing Alfalfa on Sand Mountain 

Christopher, R. C. (1946-07)

Growing Lespedeza Sericea on Sand Mountain 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Agricultural Experiment Station (1946-09)

Growing peanuts in Alabama 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868-; Cauthen, E. F.; Williamson, J. T. (John T.); Sellers, O. H. (1917-02)

Growing soy beans in Alabama 

Cauthen, E. F. (1918-06)

Growing the "Best" Seedling for Reforestation Success 

South, David B.; Mexal, John G. (1984-12)

Growth of Four Pine Species in Wilcox County, Alabama 

Watson, W. J.; Garin, George Illichevsky, 1902-; Devall, Wilbur B. (1973-07)

Growth of pine plantations in Alabama's Coastal Plain 

Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920-; Schultz, E. Fred (Edwin Frederick), 1913- (1958-10)

Growth studies of the pecan 

Isbell, C. L. (Charles L.), b. 1888 (1928-04)

Growth suppressant chemicals for establishment of winter annual forages on bahia and bermudagrass sods 

Hoveland, C. S.; McCormick, R. F.; Little, Joe A. (Joe Allen), 1937-; Granade, G. V. (George V.); Starling, J. G. (1981-11)