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Vacation activities of Alabama residents 

McCoy, E. W.; Wright, Lawrence Alan, 1945- (1970-06)

Value of irrigation with different fertility treatments for vegetable crops 

Ware, L. M. (Lamar Mims), 1895-1979; Johnson, W. A. (1950-06)

Value of neck board and brisket board in free-stall housing for dairy cattle 

Yates, H. F.; Smith, L. A.; Autrey, K. M. (Kenneth Maxwell), 1917- (1969-11)

Value of peanuts and peanut meal in rations for chickens 

King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906-; Cottier, G. J. (George John), 1908- (1937-11)

Variation in seeds and ovulate cones of some species and varieties of cupressus 

Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920-; Posey, Clayton E. (Clayton Eugene), 1938- (1968-02)

Variations in rural land values in the Black Belt region of Alabama 

Nelson, William Edward, 1949-; Adrian, John (1976-11)

Varieties for the Alabama vegetable industry and the southeast 

Simonne, Eric; Kemble, Joseph M.; Boozer, Robert T., 1958- (1997-12)

Variety tests of wheat 

Cauthen, E. F. (1918-09)

Variety tests with cotton and corn : Williamson method of corn culture 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868-; Duncan, L. N. (Luther Noble), 1875-1947 (1906-12)

Vegetable and Fruit Variety Trials Fall 2012 

Auburn University; University of Georgia; North Carolina State University (2014-07)

Vegetable and Fruit Variety Trials Spring 2012 

Akridge, J. Randall; Kemble, Joseph M.; Burkett, Jason Enoch, 1968-; Vinson, Edgar Louis, 1967- (2013)

Vegetable and Fruit Variety Trials Spring 2013 

Akridge, J. Randall; Vinson, Edgar Louis, 1967-; Caylor, Arnold; Coneva, Elina; Burkett, Jason Enoch, 1968-; Pitts, James Albert, 1953-; Kemble, Joseph M. (2014-11)

Vegetable and Fruit Variety Trials Spring 2014 

Auburn University; University of Georgia; North Carolina State University; Mississippi State University (2015-03)

Vegetable growing in Alabama 

Williams, P. F.; Conolly, H. M. (Henry Milton), 1882- (1912-03)

Vegetable procurement by wholesalers in Alabama 

Street, Donald R.; Kern, Edward E., 1921- (1962-05)

Vegetable Variety Trials Fall 2013 

Boyhan, George Edward, 1956-; Caylor, Arnold; Kemble, Joseph M.; Hill, Randy; Vinson, Edgar Louis, 1967-; Tate, Suzzanne; Auburn University; University of Georgia (2014-11)

Vegetable Variety Trials Fall 2014 

Caylor, Arnold; Coneva, Elina; Ducar, Joyce Tredaway, 1971-; Kemble, Joseph M.; Pitts, James Albert, 1953-; Vinson, Edgar Louis, 1967-; Tredaway, J. A. (Joyce Allison), 1971- (2015-11)