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Oak scale and its control 

Turner, William F. (William Franklin), 1887- (1914-06)

Oasis phalaris : a new cool season perennial grass 

Hoveland, C. S.; Haaland, Ronald L. (Ronald Lynn), 1946-; Pedersen, J. F.; Berry, C. D. (1982-05)

Oats : experiments on culture, varieties, and fertilization 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868-; Cauthen, E. F. (1913-09)

Oats with vetch or Austrian peas as grazing crops for fattening hogs 

Grimes, J. C. (Jay Cook), 1890-; Sewell, W. E.; Taylor, W. C. (1930-07)

Oats. Wheat. Meteorological report 

Newman, W. H. (1889-07)

Objective credit scoring of Alabama borrowers 

Weed, Johno Brandon, 1955-; Hardy, W. E. (1980-03)

Observations on species of cypress indigenous to the United States 

Posey, Clayton E. (Clayton Eugene), 1938-; Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920- (1967-05)

Occurrence of little leaf disease of pine and its effects on forestry in Alabama 

Boggess, W. R. (William Randolph), 1913-; Newman, R. R. (1947-05)

Old Rotation, 1896-1996 : 100 Years of Sustainable Cropping Research 

Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Arriaga, Francisco J., 1971-; Entry, J. A.; Novak, James L.; Goodman, William Robert, 1949-; Reeves, Donald Wayne, 1947-; Runge, Max W.; Traxler, Greg (Gregory J.) (1997?)

Old Rotation, 1995 

Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948- (1996-04)

Old Rotation, 1996-1999 

Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Reeves, Donald Wayne, 1947-; Hubbs, Michael D. (2000-09)

On-farm lime and fertilizer experiments with soybeans and cotton in northern Alabama, 1975-1976 

Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Eich, S. M.; Adams, Fred, 1921- (1977-09)

On-farm lime and fertilizer experiments with soybeans and cotton in northern Alabama, 1977-1980 

Burmester, Charles Henry, 1955-; Waggoner A.; Adams, Fred, 1921- (1981-06)

Opportunities for profit on your farm 

Lee, John E.; Chastain, E. D. (Elijah Denton), 1925- (1959-06)