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Sack-cement poultry house 
King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906- (1936-04)
Sample size for water quality measurements in fish ponds 
Boyd, Claude E.; Williams, John Caswell, 1927- (1981-02)
Satsuma orange 
Williams, P. F. (1911-09)
Sawmill Improvement Efficiency Analysis 
Carino, Honorio F. (1986-06)
Scheduling and application rates of irrigation in a humid climate 
Busch, C. D.; Rochester, Eugene W. (1975-06)
School gardening 
Lloyd, Francis Earnest, 1868-1947; Duncan, L. N. (Luther Noble), 1875-1947 (1911-12)
School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Biological Sciences, Auburn University. 
Auburn University. School of Agriculture, Forestry and Biological Sciences (1982?)
Seasonal and diurnal distributions of adult female horse flies (Diptera, Tabanidae) at Gold Hill, Alabama 
Burnett, Alta Marie, 1944-; Hays, Kirby L. (Kirby Lee), 1928- (1977-07)
Seasonal Cycle and Habits of the Butternut Woollyworm 
Hyche, Lacy Leonard, 1954- (1989-07)
Seasonal variations in prices of selected farm commodities 
White, Morris, 1914-; McManus, B. R. (Benny R.) (1963-11)
Seasonal variations in prices received by Alabama farmers 
White, Morris, 1914-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1955-06)
Seed Source Variation in Growth and Ornamental Traits of Virginia Pine 
Warlick, Charles Owen, 1956-; Duba, Stuart Eugene, 1953-; Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920- (1985-03)
Seed treatment for peanuts 
Wilson, Coyt (Coyt Taylor), 1913- (1948-01)
Seed treatments for peanuts 
Wilson, Coyt (Coyt Taylor), 1913-; Albrecht, H. R. (Herbert Richard), 1909-; Reed, Irvin F. (1946-01)
Seeding legumes into tall fescue sod 
Hoveland, C. S.; Alison, Montgomery Wingfield, 1954-; McCormick, R. F.; Webster, W. B. (William B.); Calvert, V. H.; Eason, John Thomas, 1942-; Ruf, Marvin Edward, 1945-; Griffey, W. A.; Burgess, H. E. (Hoyt E.); Smith, L. A.; Grimes, H. W. (Harold Watts), 1930- (1981-11)
Seepage from fishponds 
Stone, Nathan Mayhew, 1952-; Boyd, Claude E. (1989-08)