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Karyotypic study of cypresses indigenous to the southwestern United States 
Thomas, G. E.; Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920- (1972-10)
Kerosene emulsion : how to make and apply it 
Atkinson, George Francis, 1854-1918 (1890-04)
Key to the common parasitic protozoans of North American fishes 
Wellborn, Thomas L.; Rogers, Wilmer A. (Wilmer Alexander), 1933- (1970-06)
Kudzu : its value and use in Alabama 
Sturkie, D. G. (Dana Gibson), 1897-; Grimes, J. C. (Jay Cook), 1890- (1939-12)
Kudzu in Alabama 
Bailey, R. Y. (Richmond Young), b. 1893; Mayton, E. L. (1931-01)
Kuell : a new soybean variety for Alabama 
Weaver, David B.; Rodríguez-Kábana, R.; Sharpe, Rachel Ruth, 1958- (2000-01)
Labor requirements for field crops in the southeastern coastal plains farming area of Alabama 
Lanham, Ben T.; Lagrone, William F. (1942-02)
This analysis of labor requirements of crops in southern Alabama is designed to promote the most effective distribution of crops, particularly from the standpoint of full utilization of man- and mule-labor on the farm. ... ...
Labor turnover on Alabama dairy farms 
Adrian, John; Wilson, Lowell E. (1976-06)
Lake Izabal fisheries survey 
Davies, W. D. (William Donald), 1940- (1973-09)
Late planted variety tests of corn 
Cauthen, E. F. (1919-06)
Lawns, pastures and hay 
Mell, Patrick Hues, 1850-1918 (1898-12)
Laying cages for market egg production 
King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906- (1952-10)
Leaching of Picloram and Nitrate in Two Alabama Soils 
Hiltbold, A. F.; Hajek, B. F. (Benjamin F.), 1931-; Buchanan, Gale A., 1937-; Scarsbrook, C. E. (Clarence Edwin), 1915- (1974-07)
Leaf beetles of Alabama (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) 
Balsbaugh, Edward U. (Edward Ulmont), 1933-; Hays, Kirby L. (Kirby Lee), 1928- (1972-12)
Leaf spot and some fruit rots of peanut 
Wolf, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolph), b. 1885 (1914-12)
Leaf-curl disease of oaks 
Wilcox, E. Mead (Edwin Mead), 1876-1931 (1903-10)
Lease and sale transfers of cotton allotment in selected Alabama counties 
McIntyre, Thomas Robin, 1945-; Bell, Sidney C. (1973-04)