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Dairy and milk inspection 

Cary, Charles Aaron, 1880- (1898-09)

Dairy Cattle Performance on Oasis Phalaris, Low-Endophyte Ky-31 Fescue, and Winter Annuals 

Moss, B. R.; Smith, L. A.; Holliman, J. L.; Grimes, H. W. (Harold Watts), 1930-; King, C. C. (1988-04)

Dairy cattle waste management : its effect on forage production and runoff water quality 

Doss, B. D. (Basil Dewel), 1925-; Lund, Zane F. (Zane Franklin), 1922-; Long, Franklin Leslie, 1918-; Mugwira, Luke (1976-12)

Dairy herd record and creamery notes 

Clark, R. W. (Robert W.) (1902-11)

Dairy refrigeration on rural electric lines 

Easter, E. C.; Nichols, Mark Lovel, 1888- (1934-04)

Dairy research update 1993 

Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (1993-12)

Dairying and breeding 

Ross, Isaac (1891-02)

Decision making in meat buying 

Hudson, A. C. (Andrew Crenan); Danner, Maurice J. (1961-06)

Decomposition of toxins by soil organisms 

Gardner, Wright Austin (1926-06)

Defoliation, desiccation, and regrowth inhibition of cotton 

Buchanan, Gale A., 1937-; Evans, E. M. (Emerson M.), 1921-; Dumas, W. T. (1968-09)

Degree-Day Maps for Management of Soybean Insect Pests in Alabama 

Herbert, D. Ames (David Ames), 1949-; Mack, T. P.; Reed, Russell Bruce, 1950-; Getz, Rodger (1988-03)

Delivery practices and costs for wholesale milk routes in Alabama 

McDaniel, Norman Ronald, 1943-; Wilson, Lowell E. (1967-11)

Descriptions and classification of varieties of American upland cotton 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1907-06)

Design for a Low-Cost Farm House 

Grub, Walter, 1920-; Philson, Kathryn (1957-03)

Design of small-scale catfish processing plants in Alabama 

Lovell, R. T. (Richard T.), 1934-; Mustin, Walter Gilbert, 1951-; Jensen, John William, 1947- (1981-06)