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Bahiagrass for forage in Alabama 
Hoveland, C. S. (1961-06)
Ball clover 
Hoveland, C. S. (1960-09)
Balloonvine : biology and control in soybeans 
Jolley, Eddie Ray, 1954-; Walker, R. Harold; McGuire, J. A. (John Albert), 1931-; Johnston, Sandra K., 1955-; Murray, D. S.; Williams, James Caldwell, 1956- (1983-03)
Bamboo growing in Alabama 
Sturkie, D. G. (Dana Gibson), 1897-; Brown, V. L.; Watson, W. J. (1968-12)
Barley and Wheat Comparisons for Alabama 
Granade, G. V. (George V.) (1984-04)
Basic 3-P sampling 
Johnson, Evert W. (1972-09)
Basis of Soil Testing in Alabama 
Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Huluka, Gobena, 1956- (2012-10)
Beef cattle production in Alabama : costs, returns, and improvements 
Nolen, Thomas Daniel, 1940-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1965-06)
Beef cow grazing systems compared on Eutaw clay : forages evaluated include fescue, dallisgrass, Coastal bermudagrass, caley peas, white clover 
King, C. C.; Anthony, W. B. (Wilson Brady), 1916-; Bell, Sidney C.; Smith, L. A.; Grimes, H. W. (Harold Watts), 1930- (1971-11)
Beef preferences and purchasing practices 
Danner, Maurice J. (1959-06)
Beef Steer Performance on Cimarron Alfalfa and Serala and AU Lotan Sericea Lespedeza Pastures 
Schmidt, Stephen Paul; Hoveland, C. S.; Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; McGuire, J. A. (John Albert), 1931-; Moore, Robert A. (1987-02)
Beet armyworm : biology and control 
Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934-; Cobb, Patricia Powell, 1940-; Higgins, Dan (1978-06)
Benchmark study of the Southern United States meat packing plant industry 
Sullivan, Gregory M.; Simpson, James R. (1981-10)
Benthic Macroinvertebrate Microhabitat Requirements and Trophic Structure in Southeastern Streams : a Literature Synthesis 
Webber, Elliott Clifford, 1942-; Struve, Michael Rex, 1959-; Bayne, David Roberge, 1941- (1992-02)
Bermudagrass for forage in Alabama 
Hoveland, C. S. (1960-08)
Best Management Practices for Alabama Sod Production 
Guertal, Elizabeth A.; Han, David Y.; Smith, Catherine (2002-07)
Best management practices for channel catfish farming in Alabama 
Boyd, Claude E.; Queiroz, Julio F.; Whitis, Gregory N.; Hulcher, Richard; Oakes, Perry; Carlisle, Jimmy; Odom, Dickie Jr.; Nelson, Marshall M.; Hemstreet, William G. (2003-03)
Bighart : improved variety of pimiento pepper 
Greenleaf, W. H. (Walter Helmuth), 1912-; Hollingsworth, Marlin H.; Harris, Hubert; Rymal, Kenneth Stuart (1969-11)
Biological and toxicological notes on the house cricket 
Nix, Paul Myers, 1947-; Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934- (1973-10)