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Design for a Low-Cost Farm House 

Grub, Walter, 1920-; Philson, Kathryn (1957-03)

Design of small-scale catfish processing plants in Alabama 

Lovell, R. T. (Richard T.), 1934-; Mustin, Walter Gilbert, 1951-; Jensen, John William, 1947- (1981-06)

Destruction of vanillin in the soil by the action of soil bacteria 

Robbins, William Jacob, 1890-; Elizando, A. E. (1918-06)

Determination of nitrate in waters from fish ponds 

Boyd, Claude E.; Hollerman, William David, 1950- (1980-12)

Determining peanut harvest dates in Alabama by the Arginine Maturity Index (AMI) 

Weete, John D., 1942-; Branch, W. D.; McArdle, T. A. (1979-11)

Determining the Economic Effects of Off-Flavor in Farm-Raised Catfish 

Sindelar, Scott; Kinnucan, Henry W.; Hatch, Upton (1987-03)

Development and use of defatted peanut flours, meals and grits 

Harris, Hubert; Davis, Elizabeth Young, 1920-; Van de Mark, Mildred S.; Rymal, Kenneth Stuart; Spadaro, James J. (1972-04)

Development of Aquaculture : An Ecosystems Perspective 

Shell, E. W. (Eddie Wayne) (1993-12)
Meeting the demands expected to be placed on aquaculture this decade and in the next century will be a formidable task. Providing the necessary inputs (ponds, seed, water, information, processing, marketing, etc.) will ...

Development of aquaculture in the Philippines 

Schmittou, H. R. (Homer Rudolph), 1936-; Grover, John H.; Peterson, Susan B.; Librero, Aida R.; Rabanal, Herminio R.; Portugal, A. A.; Adriano, M. (1985-11)

Development of commercial farming of tilapia in Jamaica, 1979-1983 

Popma, Thomas J., 1941-; Ross, F. E.; Nerrie, Brian Lloyd, 1950-; Bowman, James Russell, 1947- (1984-10)

Development of semi-intensive aquaculture technologies in Honduras : summary of freshwater aquacultural research conducted from 1983 to 1992 

Green, Bartholomew Wright, 1954-; Teichert-Coddington, David Ray, 1954-; Hanson, Terrill R. (Terrill Richard), 1955- (1994-11)

Device to assist in mowing kudzu 

Diseker, Ellis G., 1903- (1937-08)