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Cotton worm or "caterpillar" 

Hinds, W. E. (1912-08-01)

Cotton-hog farming on the Sand Mountain 

Christopher, R. C.; Roy, Kenneth B. (Kenneth Bennett) (1945-01)

Cottonseed meal as a supplement to pasture for fattening steers in the Black Belt of Alabama 

Grimes, J. C. (Jay Cook), 1890-; Sewell, W. E.; Cottier, G. J. (George John), 1908- (1935-03)

Cottonseed meal compared with velvet beans for fattening steers 

Templeton, George S. (George Streator), 1887-; Gibbens, Ernest (1916-11)

Cottontail rabbit in Alabama 

Hill, Edward Polk, 1932-; Alabama. Game and Fish Division; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (1972-12)

Cow pea and the velvet bean as fertilizers 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1902-04)

Cowpea culture 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1902-01)

Crime and Alabama farms : victimization, subjective assessment, and protective action 

Dunkelberger, John Edward, 1935-; Clayton, J. Mark; Myrick, Rebecca Suzan, 1967-; Lyles, Gladys J. (1992-06)

Crimson clover 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1909-08)

Crimson clover in Alabama 

Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; Cope, J. T. (1961-09)

Crop and beef cattle production systems 

Harris, R. R. (Ralph Rogers), 1929-; Brown, V. L.; King, C. C.; Bell, Sidney C.; Anthony, W. B. (Wilson Brady), 1916-; Evans, E. M. (Emerson M.), 1921- (1976-03)

Crop varieties for Alabama : field, forage, turf 

Creel, John Manley, 1927-; Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; Evans, E. M. (Emerson M.), 1921-; Hoveland, C. S.; Johnson, Wiley Carroll, 1957-; King, C. C.; Mixon, Aubrey C.; Sturkie, D. G. (Dana Gibson), 1897-; Andrews, Olin Noveller, 1936-; Bond, M. D.; Chapman, Louie J., 1927- (1967-06)

Crop varieties for Alabama : field, forage, turf 

Hoveland, C. S.; Sturkie, D. G. (Dana Gibson), 1897-; Johnson, Wiley Carroll, 1957-; McCain, F. S. (Francis Saxon), 1921-; King, C. C.; Webster, Hulon Lex, 1936-; Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; Mixon, Aubrey C. (1964-10)

Crossbreeding beef cattle : value of crossbreeding for commercial cattle production shown in long-term research at Black Belt Substation 

Collins, J. C.; Patterson, T. B. (Troy Belton), 1923-; Warren, W. M. (William Michael), 1917-; Smith, L. A.; Grimes, H. W. (Harold Watts), 1930- (1972-05)

Crossbreeding British beef breeds 

Collins, J. C.; Patterson, T. B. (Troy Belton), 1923-; Warren, W. M. (William Michael), 1917-; Meadows, G. B. (1972-08)

Curing meat on the farm 

Gray, Dan T.; Summers, L. W. (Lucius Wellborne) (1912-11)