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Velvet beans 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1899-04)

Vetch varieties for soil improvement and seed production in Alabama 

Albrecht, H. R. (Herbert Richard), 1909- (1942-03)

Vetch, cowpea, and soy bean hay as substitutes for wheat bran 

Duggar, J. F. (John Frederick), 1868- (1903-04)

Wagon-type fertilizer spreader 

Kummer, Fred Alfred, 1906-; Dearing, H. W. (1943-09)

Warm Season Perennial Forage Grass Trials in Alabama 

Hoveland, C. S.; Alison, Montgomery Wingfield, 1954-; Harris, R. R. (Ralph Rogers), 1929-; Webster, W. B. (William B.); Calvert, V. H.; Eason, John Thomas, 1942-; Ruf, Marvin Edward, 1945-; Walker, L. L.; Hoyle, H. C.; Carden, Emmett Lee, 1939-; McDaniel, Norman Ronald, 1943-; Selman, F. B. (1981-09)

Warmwater aquaculture : S-168 annual report 1983 

Southern Regional Cooperative Research Project S-168; Oneal, R.; Wilson, J. Larry (1985-05)

Warrior : a bruchid-resistant vetch 

Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; Hays, Sidney Brooks, 1931- (1961-05)

Warrior vetch : a new variety for Alabama 

Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919-; Langford, W. R. (Walter Robert), 1918- (1959-06)

Water chemistry of Alabama ponds 

Arce, Rodolfo Gagarin, 1940-; Boyd, Claude E. (1980-10)

Water Quality Enhancers 

Auburn University; United States. Natural Resources Conservation Service (2002-04)

Water quality for pond aquaculture 

Boyd, Claude E. (1998-08)

Water quality management in pond fish culture 

Boyd, Claude E.; Lichtkoppler, Frank Robert, 1949- (1979-04)

Water relations of cotton : a rhizotron study 

Browning, V. D.; Taylor, H. M. (Howard M.); Huck, Morris G.; Klepper, Betty (1975-03)

Watermelon & Cantaloupe Variety Trials 1988-1990 

Boyhan, George Edward, 1956-; Norton, J. D.; Abrahams, Bruce Ralph, 1953-; Pitts, James Albert, 1953-; Carden, Emmett Lee, 1939-; Hollingsworth, Marlin H.; Eason, John Thomas, 1942-; Ivey, H. W. (Henry W.) (1991-06)

Watermelons and cantaloupes 

Newman, J. S. (James Stanley); Clayton, James (1891-11)

Weather summary for the state of Alabama 1992 

Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station; Southeast Agricultural Weather Service Center (U.S.) (1993-03)