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Treatment of some fungous diseases 

Underwood, Lucien Marcus, 1853-1907; Earle, F. S. (Franklin Sumner), 1856-1929 (1896-02)

Trench silo 

Grimes, J. C. (Jay Cook), 1890-; Nichols, Mark Lovel, 1888- (1931-04)

Triumph : a new winter-productive tall fescue variety 

Hoveland, C. S.; Haaland, Ronald L. (Ronald Lynn), 1946-; Berry, C. D.; Pedersen, J. F.; Schmidt, Stephen Paul; Harris, R. R. (Ralph Rogers), 1929- (1982-07)

Turfgrass-sod marketing in Alabama 

Adrian, John; Lokey, Charles Montgomery, 1958-; Dickens, Ray, 1936- (1985-09)

Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama : Economics and Marketing 

Cain, Jennifer Jane, 1977-; Duffy, Patricia Ann, 1955-; Guertal, Elizabeth A.; Adrian, John (2003-10)


Earle, F. S. (Franklin Sumner), 1856-1929 (1897-08)

Two important scale insects and their control 

Clarke, Warren T. (Warren Thompson), 1863-1929 (1906-10)

Types of houses for laying hens 

Christopher, R. C.; King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906- (1943-06)

Types of houses for laying hens 

King, D. F. (Dale Franklin), 1906-; Gissendanner, S. E.; Christopher, R. C. (1947-04)