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Time of applying nitrate of soda to cotton 

Cauthen, E. F.; Williamson, J. T. (John T.) (1920-04)

Time of Planting Cotton in Alabama 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Agricultural Experiment Station (1947-02)

Timely facts and suggestions for Lee County farm women and men 

Bailey, Mary M.; Hollingsworth, L. M. (1930)
The main objective of this brief summary of agricultural facts is to bring to every Lee County farm home the outstanding facts which will help to increase the yearly cash income and to generally improve Lee County agricultural ...


Bondurant, Alexander Joseph, 1836-1910 (1895-02)


Bondurant, Alexander Joseph, 1836-1910 (1892-03)


Bondurant, Alexander Joseph, 1836-1910 (1894-02)

Tobacco plant 

Bondurant, Alexander Joseph, 1836-1910 (1893-05)

Tolerance of cottonwood to certain herbicides 

Martin, James William, 1942-; Carter, Mason Carlton, 1933- (1966-11)

Tolerance of newly planted slash and loblolly pine seedlings to some selective herbicides 

Bengston, George W. (George Wesley), 1930-; Mays, D. A. (David A.); Carter, Mason Carlton, 1933- (1971-08)

Tomato fruitworm control 

Canerday, T. Don (Thomas Donald), 1939- (1967-05)

Tomato Variety Trials 1980 

Turner, Jack Lamar, 1930-; Bryce, Harrison; Carden, Emmett Lee, 1939-; McDaniel, Norman Ronald, 1943-; Selman, F. B.; Carlton, C. C.; Short, Kenneth C.; Hollingsworth, Marlin H.; Hearn, W. H. (1981-02)


Earle, F. S. (Franklin Sumner), 1856-1929 (1900-04)

Tools of Estate Planning for Alabama Farms 

Hardy, William Johnson, Jr., 1956-; Bell, Sidney C. (1986-12)

Topsoil and pine trees in Alabama's Piedmont 

Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920- (1951-05)

Total alkalinity and hardness of surface waters in Alabama and Mississippi 

Boyd, Claude E.; Walley, Willis Wayne, 1923- (1975-03)

Toxic and nontoxic molds found in food materials. Histological studies of root and shoot from Trifluralin-treated corn seedlings. 

Diener, Urban L. (Urban Lowell), 1921-; Negi, N. S.; Funderburk, Hanly, 1931-; Schultz, Donald P. (1966-05)

Tractor situation in Alabama 

Nichols, Mark Lovel, 1888-; Randolph, John W. (John Wiloughby), 1896- (1922-12)

Transparent Aluminum Glass from Blast Furnace Slag 

Basore, Cleburne Ammen (1931)
The object of this investigation was to find an advantageous method for the disposal of blast furnace slag. As a result of this investigation, a method was developed for the manufacture of a transparent glass from this ...