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Seed Source Variation in Growth and Ornamental Traits of Virginia Pine 

Warlick, Charles Owen, 1956-; Duba, Stuart Eugene, 1953-; Goggans, James F. (James Floyd), 1920- (1985-03)

Seed treatment for peanuts 

Wilson, Coyt (Coyt Taylor), 1913- (1948-01)

Seed treatments for peanuts 

Wilson, Coyt (Coyt Taylor), 1913-; Albrecht, H. R. (Herbert Richard), 1909-; Reed, Irvin F. (1946-01)

Seeding legumes into tall fescue sod 

Hoveland, C. S.; Alison, Montgomery Wingfield, 1954-; McCormick, R. F.; Webster, W. B. (William B.); Calvert, V. H.; Eason, John Thomas, 1942-; Ruf, Marvin Edward, 1945-; Griffey, W. A.; Burgess, H. E. (Hoyt E.); Smith, L. A.; Grimes, H. W. (Harold Watts), 1930- (1981-11)

Seepage from fishponds 

Stone, Nathan Mayhew, 1952-; Boyd, Claude E. (1989-08)

Self boiled lime sulfur and its use 

Williams, P. F.; Price, J. C. C. (James Clarence Conway) (1911-02)

Sensitive bio-assay for two bipridyl quaternary salts 

Funderburk, Hanly, 1931-; Lawrence, John M. (John Medlock), 1919- (1962-05)

Serala : a new sericea variety 

Donnelly, Edward Daniel, 1919- (1963-03)

Serala sericea, Coastal bermuda, Goar tall fescue grazing for beef cows and calves in Alabama's Piedmont 

Hoveland, C. S.; Anthony, W. B. (Wilson Brady), 1916-; Harris, R. R. (Ralph Rogers), 1929-; Mayton, E. L.; Burgess, H. E. (Hoyt E.) (1969-03)

Sericea-grass mixtures 

Hoveland, C. S.; Anthony, W. B. (Wilson Brady), 1916-; Carden, Emmett Lee, 1939-; Boseck, John K.; Webster, W. B. (William B.) (1975-10)

Setting Basins and Wetlands 

Auburn University; United States. Natural Resources Conservation Service (2002-04)

Seventh Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station of the A.&M. College, Auburn, Alabama, January 25, 1895. 

Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama. Agricultural Experiment Station (1895-01)

Seventh Annual Southeast No-Tillage Systems Conference : proceedings, July 10, 1984, Wiregrass Substation, Headland, Alabama 

Southeastern No-Tillage Systems Conference (7th : 1984 : Headland, Ala.) (1984-07-10)

Sex reversal of Tilapia in earthen ponds 

Popma, Thomas J., 1941-; Green, Bartholomew Wright, 1954- (1990-09)

Sheet erosion studies on Cecil clay 

Diseker, Ellis G., 1903-; Yoder, R. E. (Robert E.) (1936-11)

Significance of Hog-Feed Price Ratios in Alabama 

Tontz, Robert L.; Harrington, Albert H. (1946-10)

Silos and silage 

Negley, N. A. (1914-04)

Simple methods for measurement and calculation of field areas 

Wilson, J. B. (John Bonnard); Duncan, R. S. (Robert S.) (1934-05)
This booklet is written for the purpose of assisting farmers in calculating areas of land. Every farmer should know the acreage of each and every plot of land on his farm in order that he may calculate his labor, seed, and ...