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Magnetotail-Inner Magnetosphere Transport Associated With Fast Flows Based on Combined Global-Hybrid and CIMI Simulation


Lin, Y
Wang, X
Fok, M
Buzulukova, N
Perez, J
Cheng, L
Chen, L


Using the combined Auburn global hybrid simulation code in 3-D (ANGIE3D) and the Comprehensive Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere (CIMI) model, we investigate the self-consistent connection of fast flow injections from the tail plasma sheet and the inner magnetosphere under a southward IMF. In the dynamic run, the hybrid results provide the CIMI model with 3-D magnetic field and the electric potential at the high latitude ionosphere boundary as well as the full ion phase space distribution function at the CIMI outer boundary at the equator. The simulation shows that magnetotail reconnection, which has a dawn-dusk size of similar to 1-5 R-E, recurs with a period of several minutes, resulting in recurring localized fast flow injections. Strong ion temperature anisotropy and non-Maxwellian distributions are present in the fast flows, and the braking of fast flows due to the dipole-like field results in further perpendicular heating in the injection sources. Multiple fast flow injections lead to multiple peaks in the particle fluxes in the inner magnetosphere as well as layers of upward and downward field-aligned currents at the ionosphere, and low energy particles penetrate deeper radially than the high energy particles. The combined ANGIE3D-CIMI model can be used to calculate the global kinetic physics that contains both Region-1 and Region-2 field-aligned currents.