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Life-history Aspects of the Rainbow Shiner, Notropis chrosomus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), in Northern Georgia


Holder, D. Sean
Powers, Steven L.


The life history of Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiner) was investigated using 12 monthly collections from Moore Creek (Etowah River Drainage) at GA Highway 140 in Cherokee County, GA. Specimens were collected by electroshocking and seining primarily from runs and flowing pools and examined to identify feeding habits, age, growth, and reproductive patterns. Notropis chrosomus are opportunistic insectivores with gut contents largely consisting of Chironomidae larvae, unidentified insect parts, unidentified Diptera adults, and Collembola. Spawning occurred in spring with 400–896 (mean 708.92, SD = 162.90) mature oocytes ranging from 0.7 mm to 1.22 mm (mean = 0.90 mm, SD = 0.167 mm) present in specimens collected in April, May, and June. Sexual maturity occurred at approximately one year of age. The maximum age of both males and females was estimated at approximately 24 months (females = 25 months, males = 23 months). The largest female collected was 66.71 mm SL and 5.515 g total weight. The largest male collected was 60.19 mm SL and 3.691 g total weight.