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Central Arizona Project


Chaney, Philip L


This file contains a digital map of the Central Arizona Project (U.S.A.) in Google Earth KMZ format that was produced as part of The IBT Water Project at Auburn University. The Central Arizona Project (CAP) is a complex canal system for transporting water from the Colorado River southeastward across the state of Arizona. The system includes 14 pumping plants to lift the water up a series of “stair-steps” as the route climbs over 2,000 ft in elevation to its final destination near Tucson. The CAP is reported to be the largest user of electricity in the state. The Lake Pleasant Reservoir north of Phoenix is a unique feature where water can be pumped up for temporary storage, then later released back to the main canal. The CAP also includes 9 groundwater recharge stations for temporary storage. The groundwater recharge stations near Tucson are owned and operated by the city of Tucson and are estimated to hold an over three-year supply of freshwater. Metadata embedded in the KMZ file include author contact, Creative Commons License information, and a list of references. See the project website (URL shortcut: for information about methods, data sources, additional digital IBT maps, Google Earth tips, and a glossary of key terms.