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Linking prescribed fire, nutrient deposition and cyanobacteria dominance through pyroeutrophication in a subtropical lake ecosystem from the mid Holocene to present 

Waters, Matthew; Smoak, Joseph; Vachula, Richard; Waters, Matthew; 0000-0003-1702-3973 (2023-11-09)
Prescribed fire (Rx-fire) is a common management tool for many forested ecosystems and promotes tree and forest soil health. Although burned materials from Rx-fire areas can enter adjacent aquatic environments, very few ...


Dane, J; Molz, F (2022-10-14)
Measurements needed to define the basic hydraulic properties of subsurface porous media constitute a fundamental problem. Complex mathematical flow models can only make realistic predictions if the correct values for the ...

Raw and post-processed ensemble forecasts of crop reference evapotranspiration over the CONUS produced with NWP 

Medina, Hanoi; Tian, Di (2023-03-04)
Database with raw and post-processed ensembles of summer crop reference evapotranspiration forecasts over the CONUS based on numerical weather predictions (NWP). The forecasts consider single or multi-model NWP from The ...