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Haiti Agroforestry Research Project Reports: Recent submissions

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Report 24. Effects of seed treatment methods of germination of Simarouba glauca var. Latifolia Cronq. 

Vaval, Fritz; Timyan, Joël (2019-09-03)
The seed of Simarouba glauca var. latifolia exhibits dormancy problems during storage and subsequent germination efforts. Five pre-germination treatments were selected to investigate methods to break post-harvest dormancy ...

Report 23. A Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to locating potential planting sites for the Catalpa longisssima species (chene) in Haiti 

Vaval, Fritz; Brown, Douglas C. (2019-09-03)
This paper reports the results of a preliminary study of the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to locating potentially superior sites for the cultivation of Catalpa Longissima species in Haiti. A total ...

Report 14. Financial analysis of selected tree operations in Haiti's Northwest and Central Plateau 

Street, Donald R.; Hunter, Arthur G.; Bellerive, Phillippe (2019-09-03)
The purpose of this work was to conduct a financial study of one tree border planting at Mirebalais in the Central Plateau and three tree farms located in the Northwest. This study entailed the computation of Net Present ...

Report 09. Socio-cultural factors in Haitian agroforestry: research results from four regions 

Starr, Paul D. (2019-09-03)
This report presents the results of research on socio-cultural aspects of agroforestry in the Des Forges, Bassin Bleu, Vialet and Maniche areas of Haiti. A total of 258 households were surveyed, 108 in Bassin Bleu and fifty ...

Report 05. Microsymbiont colonization and seedling development as influenced by inoculation method : Rhizobium and Frankia 

Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-03)
This investigation tested the various methods used in Haitian nurseries for inoculating tree seedlings with nitrogen-fixing organisms. Acacia, leucaena, and frene were inoculated with Rhizobium powder by oil-coat, water-coat, ...

Report 03. Short-term seedling field survival and growth as influenced by container type and potting mix 

Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-03)
This investigation tested the field performance of planting stock types used in the AOP. Field growth and survival of five species (chene, kapab, cassia, neem, and ced) were measured. Four container types (Winstrips, ...

Report 08. The pole market in Haiti : southwest to Port-au-Prince 

Street, Donald R.; Bellerive, Phillippe (2019-04-23)
The purpose of this work was to analyze the pole market in Port-au-Prince. The study entailed taking samples of 25 randomly chosen poles at seven depots in the metropolitan area and tracing their movement from their origin. ...

Report 07. Haiti regional tree nursery cost study 

Goodwin, Steve; Reid, R. Kent; Street, Donald R. (2019-04-23)
The Pan American Development Foundation (Pwo Pyebwa) has requested a study to determine the current cost of producing seedlings in a local nursery. The purpose of this study is to determine the production costs of a typical ...