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Economic Alignment




Lunghi, Maurizio
Grindley, Neil
Stoklasova, Bohdana
Trehub, Aaron
Egger, Christin


This essay presents an overview of the economic issues that define, promote, or inhibit effective national and international programs for preserving digital cultural heritage materials. Specifically, it presents and discusses multi-institutional approaches to identifying effective and economically sustainable policies in managed digital information environments, citing current digital preservation initiatives in North America and Europe. The essay will also address related issues, including: service/user relationships, roles and responsibilities throughout the various communities, the choice of suitable business models, and cost analyses as essential components of defining economically sustainable approaches to preservation. In keeping with the aims of the Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation conference, the essay concludes by considering what a blueprint for success in this area might look like and offering specific recommendations to that end.