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Guide for Dissecting the Dog, A 

Rumph, Paul F. (2017-06-23)
A Guide for Dissecting the Dog has many distinctive features designed to aid students in their study of gross anatomy. In keeping with Dr. Fletcher’s original concept, descriptive material is minimal and most illustrations ...

Hydrogen sulfide cytoprotective signaling isendothelial nitric oxide synthase-nitricoxide dependent 

King, Adrienne L.; Polhemus, David J.; Bhushan, Shashi; Otsuka, Hiroyuki; Kondo, Kazuhisa; Nicholson, Chad K.; Bradley, Jessica M.; Islam, Kazi N.; Calvert, John W.; Tao, Ya-Xiong et al (2020-01-16)
Previous studies have demonstrated that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) protects against multiple cardiovascular disease states in a similar manner as nitric oxide (NO). H2S therapy also has been shown to augment NO bioavailability ...

Osteology of the White-Tailed Deer Odocoileus Virginianus, An 

Rumph, Paul Frederick (2016-07-09)
Because of the absence of a comprehensive description of the osseous anatomy of the white-tailed deer, this study was undertaken. The external morphology of each bone is described utilizing the current nomenclature presented ...