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The Effects of Crop Insurance Subsidies and Sodsaver on Land-Use Change 

Miao, Ruiqing; Hennessy, David A; Feng, Hongli (2020-03-12)
It is well known that insurance market information asymmetry can cause socially excessive cropping of yield-risky land. We show that crop insurance subsidies can cause the same problem absent information failures. Using ...

Replication data and code for: Cross-sectional association of Toxoplasma gondii exposure with BMI and diet in US adults 

Cuffey, Joel; Lepczyk, Christopher; Zhao, Shuoli; Fountain-Jones, Nicholas; 0000-0002-2481-272X (2021-09-24)
Toxoplasmosis gondii exposure has been linked to increased impulsivity and risky behaviors, which has implications for eating behavior. Impulsivity and risk tolerance is known to be related with worse diets and a higher ...