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Wave Normal Angle Distribution of Magnetosonic Waves in the Earth's Magnetosphere: 2-D PIC Simulation 

Sun, Jicheng; Chen, Lunjin; Wang, Xueyi; 0000-0002-5059-5394; 0000-0003-2489-3571 (2022-10-11)
Radiation belt electrons can be accelerated and scattered by magnetosonic waves in the Earth's magnetosphere, and the scattering rate of electrons is sensitive to the wave normal angle. However, observationally it is ...

Whistler anisotropy instabilities as the source of banded chorus: Van Allen Probes observations and particle-in-cell simulations 

Fu, Xiangrong; Liu, Kaijun; Min, Kyungguk; Winske, Dan; 0000-0001-5882-1328; 0000-0002-2095-8529 (2020-06-05)
Magnetospheric banded chorus is enhanced whistler waves with frequencies (r)<(e), where (e) is the electron cyclotron frequency, and a characteristic spectral gap at (r)similar or equal to(e)/2. This paper uses spacecraft ...

Whistler Mode Waves Excited by Anisotropic Hot Electrons With a Drift Velocity in Earth's Magnetosphere: Linear Theory 

Kai, Fan; Jicheng, Sun; Jun, Guo; 0000-0002-5059-5394 (2022-11-08)
With a linear theoretical model, we have investigated the properties of whistler waves excited by anisotropic hot electrons with a drift velocity parallel to the background magnetic field, which is usually neglected in ...