This Is AuburnAUrora

Open Access Publishing, AUrora, and You




Trehub, Aaron
Alabi, Jaena
Mackiewicz, Jo


Jaena Alabi (Libraries), Jo Mackiewicz (Technical & Professional Communication), and Aaron Trehub (Libraries) discuss the benefits of open-access publishing through AUrora, Auburn’s institutional repository. Among the questions we address are these: What is open-access publishing, and why does it matter? What’s an institutional repository (IR), and what do examples at other universities look like? Why would I want to submit my research to an institutional repository, and how might doing so fit in with the promotion and tenure system at Auburn? What would be involved in submitting research to AUrora (i.e., what are the basic steps)? What do I need to know before I get started? What kind of support is there at Auburn for faculty who are interested in open-access publishing? And finally, how can interested faculty members promote open-access publishing at Auburn?