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Discovery and broad relevance may be insignificant components of course-based 1 undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) for non-biology majors 

Ballen, Cissy J.; Thompson, Seth K.; Blum, Jessamina E.; Newstrom, Nicholas P.; Sehoya, Cotner; 0000-0002-4693-6117 (2020-05-26)
Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) are a type of laboratory learning environment associated with a science course in which undergraduates participate in novel research. According to Auchinchloss et ...

Longitudinal Analysis of a Diversity Support Program in Biology: A National Call for Further Assessment 

Ballen, Cissy J.; Mason, Nicholas A.; 0000-0002-4693-6117 (2020-05-26)
National calls to improve the performance and persistence of students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in science have led to a surge of research on inclusive, evidence-based teaching methods. Less work has ...

Politics a "Chilly" Environment for Undergraduate Women in Norway 

Ballen, Cissy J.; Lee, Dahsol; Rakner, Lise; Sehoya, Cotner (2021-03-22)
Gender differences in academic performance and attitudes are widespread in male-stereotyped disciplines but rarely are studied in the social sciences. To assess the extent that gender influences the behavior of undergraduate ...

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibilities for Science Equity Research 

Ballen, Cissy J.; Holmegaard, Henriette Tolstrup; 0000-0002-4693-6117 (2020-05-26)
Our ability to collect and access large quantities of data over the last decade has been revolutionary for many social sciences. Suddenly, it is possible to measure human behavior, performance, and activity on an unprecedented ...