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Smartphone Use to Answer Clinical Questions: A Descriptive Study of APNs 

Grabowsky, Adelia; Grabowsky, Adelia; 0000-0001-8991-2361 (2024-05-06)
This study examines the use of smartphones by Alabama Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) to find information to address clinical questions and seeks to describe the types of questions answered using smartphones; barriers to ...

Yes, use AI, but not like that! Helping student researchers navigate conflicting messages about generative AI 

Krzton, Ali; Shipman, Todd; 0000-0003-2557-8004 (2024-04-24)
Student use of generative AI tools in their academic research is a growing trend, but these newer technologies have undergone little testing and are predominately unregulated in higher education contexts. Having planned ...

We Are All Data Now 

Krzton, Ali; Krzton, Alicia; 0000-0001-9979-2471 (2024-01-19)
An abiding concern for the responsible use of data is nothing new for those of us among the ranks of data professionals. Whether from the perspective of research, education, commerce, or policy, careful consideration of ...

Connecting the dots: Making sense of sociograms 

Wiley, Jennilyn M.; 0000-0003-3378-7527 (2024-01-08)
This chapter provides a practical approach to understanding the history, terminology, and methods used to create sociograms, which are graph-based visualizations that showcase social connections. Data collection processes, ...

Hosting an International Graduate Student Orientation 

Weisbrod, Liza; Rumble, Juliet T.; Grabowsky, Adelia; Altamirano, Isabel; Sahib, Emily; 0000-0003-1147-6808; 0000-0003-1192-0390; 0000-0001-8991-2361; 0000-0002-3609-4833 (2023-12-14)
In Fall 2022, Auburn University Libraries faculty and staff hosted an orientation event for newly arrived international graduate students. Highlights of the event included tours of major library service points, a shared ...

Supplemental Materials for Enhancing Your Teaching Methods: An Information Literacy-Based Approach to Developing Course Assignments 

Wiley, Jennilyn M.; Avery, Atiya; 0000-0003-3378-7527; 0000-0002-6698-3738 (2023-11-03)
Supplemental instruction materials used in an extended example within an original article published in the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS) journal

Developing instruction programming with help from Project SAILS 

Rumble, Juliet; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-17)
Effective use of assessment instruments improves teaching by enhancing understanding of student learning. This poster presentation describes librarians' efforts to apply insights gleaned from analysis of Project SAILS ...

RBD Library Symposium 

Boosinger, Marcia; Foster, Nancy; Leousis, Kasia; Rumble, Juliet; Schmidt, Greg; Rumble, Juliet; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-17)
Panel presentation given on the occasion of the dedication of the Mell Classroom Building on September 1, 2017.

We’ve set SAILS: Launching library assessment across university waters 

Rumble, Juliet; Noe, Nancy; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-17)
This poster details how librarians at Auburn University analyzed Project SAILS test data, presented findings to campus stakeholders, and worked to incorporate information literacy instruction into Auburn's general education ...

READ: All about it! Reimagining reference stats to demonstrate value and guide public services with the READ Scale 

Boosinger, Marcia; Noe, Nancy; Rumble, Juliet; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-16)
The READ Scale adds a qualitative dimension to reference statistics by recording the effort, knowledge, skills, and teaching employed in reference transactions. The Scale provides copious data that can be used to inform ...

Leading by design: Creating a 21st century teaching and learning environment 

Boosinger, Marcia; Leousis, Kasia; Rumble, Juliet; Schmidt, Greg; 0000-0003-1192-0390 (2023-06-16)
Auburn University librarians share how information gathered about their users guided design recommendations for a merged library and classroom facility at their institution. They reflect on user studies and their implications ...

Skills for success: Tailoring research boot camps to graduate student needs 

Weisbrod, Liza; Grabowsky, Adelia; Rumble, Juliet; Dodge, Tim; 0000-0003-1147-6808 (2023-06-16)
As they prepare for academic and professional careers, graduate students must acquire skills needed to conduct scholarly research, organize and work with information sources, and effectively communicate research findings. ...

FYI for FYE (Freshman Year Experience): Helping new undergraduates navigate library waters 

Rumble, Juliet (2023-06-16)
While considerable resources and staff time are dedicated to supporting Freshman Year Experience courses, traditional library orientation sessions frequently fail to engage students. To address these issues, Auburn ...

If you build partnerships, they will come and share: Collaborative learning commons planning and use 

Boosinger, Marcia; Bowden, Tamara; Hix, Ellyn; MacEwan, Bonnie; Rumble, Juliet (2023-06-06)
The Learning Commons at Auburn University Libraries is a one-stop center, offering the learning resources students use most, all located in a flexible physical configuration that can be repurposed for many activities and ...

An unexpected discovery: One library's experience with discovery service evaluation 

Ellero, Nadine; Rumble, Juliet (2023-06-06)
A growing number of libraries have enthusiastically embraced web-scale discovery services, which advertise one-stop searching for libraries’ print and digital collections. The appeal of a single search box providing access ...

Research on Space Occupancy, Activity Rhythm and Sexual Segregation of White-Lipped Deer (Cervus albirostris) in Forest Habitats of Jiacha Gorge on Yarlung Zangbo River Basin Based on Infrared Camera Technology 

Liu, Yujia; Huang, Kai; Wang, Xueyu; Krzton, Ali; Xia, Wancai; Li, Dayong; 0000-0001-9979-2471 (2023-06-06)
The white-lipped deer (Cervus albirostris) is a rare and endangered species found in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China. To understand the space occupancy, activity rhythm, and sexual segregation of the white-lipped deer, ...

Distribution range contractions and identification of conservation priority areas for canids in Sichuan Province, China 

Xia, Wancai; Grueter, Cyril C.; Zhang, Chao; Zhuang, Hongfei; Hu, Jie; Krzton, Ali; Li, Dayong; 0000-0001-9979-2471 (2023-05-07)
Canids are among the numerous taxonomic groups that have recently experienced significant population declines. The reconstruction of distribution range changes using long-term ecological data can reveal processes underlying ...

Welcome to the Machine: Ir/Responsible Use of Machine Learning in Research Recommendation Tools 

Krzton, Ali; Krzton, Alicia; 0000-0001-9979-2471 (2023-03-17)
Machine learning is changing how researchers interact with scholarly literature. While it has the potential to reveal exciting new connections between areas of study, popular commercial tools that provide recommendations ...

"I Don’t Know what to Say!” Strategies for Responding to and Supporting Targets of Racial Microaggressions 

Alabi, Jaena; 0000-0002-2461-4889 (2022-11-04)
In this session, participants will be introduced to racial microaggressions, or subtle, denigrating messages conveyed to people of color based on their racial or ethnic identity. An overview of the existing research on ...

Chattahoochee Coverlets: Handwoven coverlets and counterpanes from East Central Alabama 

Jemian, Pat Jackson (2022-11-02)
This book combines a history of handwoven coverlets and counterpanes in the East Central Alabama region with images of the designs and details of their origins.