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College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture traces it roots back to 1872 with the establishment of the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College as a land-grant college. Throughout its 139-year history, the college has helped advance Alabama's agricultural economy while improving the nutrition, health and standard of living for all citizens. View important dates in the history of the college.

Recent Submissions

Data for: Evaluation of dissolved carbon dioxide to stimulate emergence of red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Decapoda: Cambaridae) from invaded ponds 

Abdelrahman, Hisham; Gibson, Rebecca; Fogelman, Kaelyn; Cupp, Aaron; Allert, Ann; Stoeckel, James; 0000-0003-1076-5536 (2021-05-05)
Invasive crayfish have adverse effects on habitats and native species. Control of invasive crayfish populations is a major challenge facing natural resource managers. This study evaluated the effectiveness and optimal ...

Alterations to sediment nutrient deposition and transport along a six reservoir sequence 

Webster, Benjamin; Waters, Matthew; Golladay, Stephen; 0000-0002-1768-247X (2021-04-26)
Reservoir presence and construction has become commonplace along rivers due to the multitude of ecosystem services they provide. Many services are well recognized, including the effectiveness of sequestering both sediments ...

Performance of ryegrass varieties in Alabama, 2001-2002 

Glass, Kathryn M.; Van Santen, Edzard (2021-03-23)

1977 Alabama grain sorghum performance tests 

Carden, Emmett Lee, 1939-; Currier, Cliff G. (2021-03-23)

1975 Alabama grain sorghum performance tests 

Teem, David Herman, 1943- (2021-03-23)

Alabama cotton variety tests 1974 

Johnson, Wiley Carroll, 1957- (2021-03-23)

Performance of cotton varieties in Alabama, 2020 

Jordan, Henry G., Jr (2021-01-28)

Performance of peanuts in Alabama, 2020 

Jordan, Henry G., Jr (2020-12-08)

Alabama Soybean Variety Tests 1980 

Thurlow, Donald L. (2020-09-23)

Performance of soybean varieties in Alabama, 1982 

Granade, George Volney, 1953-; Weaver, David B. (2020-09-23)

Performance of soybean varieties in Alabama, 1984 

Johnson, Wiley Carroll, 1957-; Williams, Darrell (2020-09-23)

Performance of soybean varieties in Alabama, 2012 

Glass, Kathryn M.; Delaney, Dennis Patrick, 1956-; Van Santen, Edzard (2020-09-23)

Performance of soybean cultivars in Alabama, 2014 

Glass, Kathryn M.; Monks, C. Dale (Charles Dale); Delaney, Dennis Patrick, 1956-; Brasher, Jon H. (2020-09-23)

Performance of peanuts in Alabama, 2018 

Jordan, Henry G., Jr (2020-09-23)

Nutrient recommendations for Alabama row crops 

Huluka, Gobena, 1956-; Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948- (2020-05)

Auburn University Crops: Cotton Research Report 2019 

Monks, C. Dale (Charles Dale); Hagan, Austin K.; Bowen, Kira L.; Lawrence, Katheryn S.; Guertal, Elizabeth A.; Smith, Ronald Harmon, 1942-; Shaw, Joey N.; Feng, Yucheng; Scott, Shawn Newman; Ortiz, Brenda V.; Mullenix, Mary K. (Mary Kimberly); Li, S. Samuel; Park, Sang-Wook; Prasad, Rishi; Jacobson, Alana L.; Koebernick, Jenney Clement; Potnis, Neha Suhas; Raper, T.; Gamble, Audrey Virginia; Sikora, Edward J.; Balkcom, Kipling S.; Delaney, Dennis Patrick, 1956-; Meyer, Brad; Connor, K.; Dillard, Brandon Aaron; McGriff, Dwayne Eddie; Kelton, Jessica Ann; Reed, Timothy Dale, 1954-; Wilkins, Kimberly J.; Stanford, M. Kent; Freeman, Barry Lewis; Page, Andrew William; Silvey, N.; Sandlin, Tyler Neal; Goodrich, Brittney Kay; Birdsong, William C.; Miller, Brad; Moore, Don Paul, 1955-; Wells, Larry Wayne, 1958-; Norris, Chet; Pegues, Malcomb David, 1960-; Clements, W.; Price, Andrew J.; Xi, S.; Miller, L.; Miller, J.; Schrimsher, Drew Wendell; Lawaju, Bisho Ram; Groover, William Lanier; Dyer, David Robert; Rondon, Marina Nunes; Gattoni, Kaitlin Marie; Sanchez, Windi L.; Young, Haylee Grace; Cofer, Trevor L.; Gordon, Kara Leigh; Wendland, Will Howard; Jacobs, Luke; Morata, Guilherme Trimer; Pate, Gregory Lee, 1968-; Oliveira, Luan Pereira de; Lena, Bruno Patias; Brasher, Jon H.; Auburn University; Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station; United States. Agricultural Research Service; National Soil Dynamics Laboratory (U.S.) (2020)

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