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Control of leaf spot and strawberry weevil on trailing blackberries 
Diener, Urban L. (Urban Lowell), 1921-; Eden, W. G. (William Gibbs), 1918-; Carlton, C. C. (1955-03)
Control of Powdery Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot on Bigleaf Hydrangea with Heritage and MilStop Fungicides 
Hagan, Austin K.; Olive, J. W.; Stephenson, James C. (James Crowell), 1956-; Rivas-Davila, Maria E. (Maria Esther), 1970- (2005-08)
Disease Resistance and Response of Shrub and Ground Cover Roses to Fungicides 
Hagan, Austin K.; Rivas-Davila, Maria E. (Maria Esther), 1970-; Akridge, J. Randall; Olive, J. W. (2005-01)
Effect of Application Interval on the Control of Early Leaf Spot and White Mold on Peanut with Headline 2.09E Fungicide 
Hagan, Austin K.; Bowen, Kira L.; Campbell, H. L.; Wells, Larry Wayne, 1958- (2006-01)
Evaluation of Calendar and AU-Pnuts Fungicide Schedules for the Control of Late Leaf Spot and Rust on Peanut in Southwest Alabama 
Hagan, Austin K.; Campbell, H. L.; Bowen, Kira L.; Pegues, Malcomb David, 1960- (2006-08)