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Common Diseases of Pansy and Viola Cultivars in the Landscape 
Hagan, Austin K.; Akridge, J. Randall; Rivas-Davila, Maria E. (Maria Esther), 1970- (2003-08)
Fungicides Control Cercospora Leaf Spot on Fuchsia Meidiland Rose 
Hagan, Austin K.; Akridge, J. Randall (2005-06)
Leaf spot and some fruit rots of peanut 
Wolf, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolph), b. 1885 (1914-12)
Peanut leafspot research in Alabama, 1970-1976 
Backman, P. A.; Rodríguez-Kábana, R.; Hammond, J. M.; Clark, E. M.; Lyle, James A. (James Albert), 1916-; Ivey, H. W. (Henry W.); Starling, J. G. (1977-06)
Resistance of Selected Crapemyrtle Cultivars to Powdery Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot 
Hagan, Austin K.; Keever, Gary Jean, 1952-; Gilliam, Charles Homer, 1952-; Williams, J. David; Creech, Gregory W., 1947- (2002-02)
Studies of the Control of Peanut Leafspot 
Wilson, J. P.; Wilson, Coyt (Coyt Taylor), 1913- (1947-02)