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Auburn University Crops: Soybean Research Report 2013 & 2014 

Bailey, David L.; Feng, Yucheng; Balkcom, Kipling S.; Fulton, John P.; Griffith, W.; Brooke, A.; Hall, M.; Burmester, Charles Henry, 1955-; Howe, J.; Conner, K.; Delaney, Dennis Patrick, 1956-; Hicks, Christy; Huluka, Gobena, 1956-; Delaney, Mary Anne; Derrick, D.; Lawrence, Katheryn S.; Dillard, C.; Mask, Paul L.; Donald, Patricia Anne; Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Runge, Max W.; Monks, C. Dale (Charles Dale); Sikora, Edward J.; Murphy, John F.; Smith, Ronald Harmon, 1942-; Patterson, Michael Gene, 1948-; Weaver, David B.; Price, Andrew J.; Yates, Rudy Paul, 1965-; Reed, Timothy Dale, 1954-; Zhang, L.; Auburn University; United States. Agricultural Research Service; National Soil Dynamics Laboratory (U.S.) (2015)

Effects of row width and leaf shape on cotton 

Monks, C. Dale (Charles Dale); Patterson, Michael Gene, 1948-; Delaney, Dennis Patrick, 1956-; Pegues, Malcomb David, 1960- (1999-10)

Weed control in minimum tillage cotton rotations 

Patterson, Michael Gene, 1948-; Webster, W. B. (William B.); Ivey, H. W. (Henry W.); Wells, Larry Wayne, 1958- (1990-12)