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Adoption and diffusion potentials for bovine somatotropin in the Southeast dairy industry 

Kinnucan, Henry W.; Hatch, Upton; Molnar, Joseph J.; Pendergrass, Robert Michael, 1961- (1990-02)

Catfish Farming Risks in Alabama 

Cacho, Oscar Jose, 1958-; Kinnucan, Henry W.; Sindelar, Scott (1986-12)

Determining the Economic Effects of Off-Flavor in Farm-Raised Catfish 

Sindelar, Scott; Kinnucan, Henry W.; Hatch, Upton (1987-03)

Economic effects of increased vertical control in agriculture : the case of the U.S. egg industry 

Brand, Alex Howard, 1961-; Warman, Marc; Kinnucan, Henry W. (1988-04)

Effects of Catfish Advertising on Consumers' Attitudes, Purchase Frequency, and Farmers' Incomes 

Kinnucan, Henry W.; Hatch, Upton; Venkateswaran, Meenakshi (1990-11)

Returns to Catfish Advertising and Optimal Spending Levels 

Kinnucan, Henry W.; Hatch, Upton; Zidack, Walter (1992-11)