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Report 08. Farmer needs assessment exploratory surveys : field information acquisition guide and methodology


Swanson, Richard A.


These surveys were part of the on-going effort by SECID/Auburn University and its partners in PLUS, PADF, and CARE, to implement a Monitoring and Evaluation System which orients the project towards activities which will bring about sustainable increases in farmer income and crop production, while conserving natural resources. The surveys also provided information on technologies promoted by PLUS, as they are presently implemented in the survey areas. This document provides the methodology and question guides used by the SECID Haiti PLUS project Farmer Needs Assessment Exploratory Survey team. The reconnaissance surveys were conducted between May 26 through August 28, 1993 in five regions of Haiti (Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Mirebalais, Northwest, and Les Cayes), within three micro-watersheds selected by the PADF and CARE programs for specific program monitoring and evaluation purposes.