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The Wonder Grass: The Story of Tall Fescue in the United States

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dc.creatorBall, Don M.
dc.creatorLacefield, Garry D.
dc.creatorHoveland, Carl S.
dc.description.abstractFrom its origins in Europe, its unlikely beginnings in the United States, the controversy surrounding its initial release and issues with fescue toxicosis, “The Wonder Grass” is a fascinating examination of the history and modern uses of forage tall fescue. The book was written by former Auburn University Professor Don Ball, former University of Kentucky professor Garry Lacefield and former University of Georgia professor Carl Hoveland. It takes a comprehensive look at the species, starting with how in 1893, a farmer in the mountains of eastern Kentucky noticed that a grass on his farm remained green during cooler months when most other plants were dormant and brown.en_US
dc.publisherOregon Tall Fescue Commissionen_US
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 Internationalen_US
dc.subjectforage, grazing, endophyte, toxinen_US
dc.titleThe Wonder Grass: The Story of Tall Fescue in the United Statesen_US
dc.type.genreBook, Scholarly-Newen_US
dc.locationSalem, ORen_US

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