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Adoption and management of alley cropping in Haiti 

Bayard, Budry; Jolly, Curtis M.; Shannon, Dennis A. (2019-10-01)
Haiti, a hilly densely populated country, has experienced soil erosion problems for decades. The major impact is a reduction of soil fertility leading to decreasing agricultural productivity. Agriculture, a major sector ...

Adoption of rock walls as a soil conservation structure in Haiti 

Bayard, Budry; Jolly, Curtis M.; Shannon, Dennis A. (2019-10-01)
Land degradation has been identified as one of the most serious ecological, environmental, and economic problems facing the Haitian society today. One particular problem is soil erosion. Throughout the 19th century, ...

Long-term effects of soil conservation barriers on crop yield on a tropical steepland in Haiti 

Shannon, Dennis A.; Isaac, Lionel; Bernard, Carine R.; Wood, C. Wesley (2019-05-03)
In this research, we wanted to know how alley cropping between tree barriers compared to the more traditional conservation barriers used in Haiti in terms of long-term crop yields. Our hypothesis was that alley cropping ...

Promising tree species as hedgerows for alley cropping in different environments in Haiti 

Isaac, Lionel; Shannon, Dennis A.; Wood, C. Wesley; Bernard, Carine R. (2019-05-03)
Alley cropping is a system whereby annual crops are planted between rows of trees, which are pruned during the cropping season and the prunings applied as mulch or green manure. During periods where no crop is grown, the ...

Soil profile descriptions for steeplands research sites in Haiti 

Guthrie, Richard L.; Shannon, Dennis A. (2019-05-03)
Soils from different locations in Haiti intended as sites for alley cropping trial studies were examined and classified. Because limestone is the parent material associated with a majority of soils of the Steeplands, pH ...