This Is AuburnAUrora

Development of Aquaculture: An Ecosystems Perspective


Shell, E. W. (Eddie Wayne)


Meeting the demands expected to be placed on aquaculture this decade and in the next century will be a formidable task. Providing the necessary inputs (ponds, seed, water, information, processing, marketing, etc.) will require an enormous worldwide investment. Deploying those inputs on such a large scale will require an extremely effective planning process and implementation strategy. It is the primary purpose of this book to detail the inputs required and discuss the deployment of those inputs to advance aquaculture worldwide. The author proposes to examine the nature of aquaculture as it affects development, to expand on the importance of advancing aquaculture, and to discuss various aspects of aquacultural development using the general development process in biological systems as a model. Aquaculture is presented as a dynamic ecosystem, a "web" or matrix of interconnected and interdependent physical, chemical, biological, psychological, sociological, economic, and political processes.