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Timely facts and suggestions for Lee County farm women and men

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dc.contributor.authorBailey, Mary M.en_US
dc.contributor.authorHollingsworth, L. M.en_US
dc.descriptionThis document lists suggestions and objectives 'for use in establishing a well balanced system of farming'. There are specific suggestions for: The home: Canning budget, Vegetables, Suggestive recommendations for Lee County farm family of five and per plow; Home garden: Cultivation and fertilization, Vegetable planting table; Home orchard: Cultivation and fertilization, Spraying, Thinning, Pruning, Varieties for Lee County; Soil building: Terracing; Farm machinery equipment; Stump blasting: Amount of explosive to use for pine stumps; Cotton: Lee County needs more cotton per acre, with better staple variety, Variety, Fertilizer, Spacing, Cultivation, Boll Weevil; Corn: Variety, Fertilizer, Cultivation, Spacing; Sweet potatoes: Variety, Fertilizer, Spacing, Treating seed potatoes, Harvesting, Storage; Irish potatoes; Sugar Cane; Hay: Planting methods, Fertilizer, Time to cut; Pastures; Forestry; Poultry: Auburn poultry feed formulas, Feeding suggestions for the laying flock, Reference bulletins; Dairy cow; Hogs; Rations for suckling period first eight weeks, Rations for development period second eight weeks, Rations for fattening period, Curing methods; Work stock;en_US
dc.descriptionSponsored by local banks in Opelika, Phoenix City and Auburn.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this brief summary of agricultural facts is to bring to every Lee County farm home the outstanding facts which will help to increase the yearly cash income and to generally improve Lee County agricultural conditions. These facts have been gathered from results of many years of work by the Alabama Experiment Station at Auburn and elsewhere over the state, also from U.S. Department of Agriculture and last by experience of farmers by demonstrations of these proven facts.en_US
dc.publisherAuburn, Ala. : Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Extension Serviceen_US
dc.subjectFarm managementen_US
dc.titleTimely facts and suggestions for Lee County farm women and menen_US

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