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Production of Lump Charcoal from Pine Sawdust without a Binder




Basore, Cleburne Ammen
Moore, Omar Clarence


The object of this investigation was to find a satisfactory method for the profitable disposal of the large amounts of finely divided wood wastes available in the South and West. As a result of this investigation, a process has been developed for the briquetting of finely divided charcoal involving the following steps: 1. The wood waste in the form of sawdust is dried ,and partly carbonized under such conditions that the cohesive forces of the charcoal becomes effective. 2. Pressure of several hundred pounds per square inch is applied to the hot charcoal during the completion of the carbonization process. 3. Finally the briquettes are further heat treated for smoke removal. The resulting briquettes are firm and strong enough to stand rough handling and they resist weathering to an extent which should permit shipment and storage. They also are smokeless and of satisfactory heating value. 4. Optimum conditions for the various steps in the process have been determined on an experimental scale and a study made of costs of plant and operation of a plant with a capacity of 2000 tons per year. The proposed process seems to be suitable for small scale installations and apparently would permit the use of a plant of simple design requiring the minimum amount of equipment and labor. Consequently it seems adapted to the disposal of saw mill waste from small mills.