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Effect of Sizing, Weaving, and Abrasion on the Physical Properties of Cotton Yarn




Schreiber, Walter Thilo, 1893-
Geib, Martin Nicholas Vincent, 1894-
Moore, Omar Clarence


A method was developed for determining the effects of the amount and quality of sizing on the physical properties of cotton warp yarns and on their performance during weaving and abrasion tests. The strength, elongation under a 35-gram load and at rupture, and the permanent set under a load of 35 gram were measured on yarns before and after sizing them with white-potato starch; after weaving and removal from the cloth; and before and after abrasion in a laboratory apparatus simulating the effects of a loom. The experimental results show that the sized yarns have greater strength, less elongation, lower permanent set, and are more uniform in their physical properties, and possess better weaving qualities than unsized yarns. A simple mill method for the testing and control of sized yarns, based on these results, is suggested.