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Utilization of Low Grade Alabama Manganese Ores




Basore, Cleburne Ammen
Eiland, E. M.


The object of this investigation was to find a general and profitable method for the purification and concentration of low grade Alabama manganese ores, which had little, if any, value in their present form. The various samples of Alabama manganese ore examined on a small scale were readily attacked by even weak solutions of sulphur dioxide in water and apparently a process applied by the Bureau of Mines to western manganese ores could be applied to Alabama ores. The above process consists of the solution of the manganese ore in a solution of sulphur dioxide in water and the resulting solution of manganese sulphate is converted into an oxide of of manganese by calcination. The optimum conditions for the extraction of the manganese have been determined. These, on a plant scale, probably would be somewhat different. The probable large scale process has been described and the cost of the process estimated. The treatment of ores containing at least twenty-five per cent manganese apparently shows considerable promise.