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Lights of temperance

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dc.creatorYoung, James, of Kentucky
dc.descriptionThis book was edited by Rev. James Young and published by Hull & Brother, Louisville, Ky., in 1854. It is a compilation of articles espousing abstinence with regard to alcohol consumption.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe spirit of progression/Rev. C.B. Parsons; The voice of warning/Rev. A.B. Longstreet; The causes of intemperance/Hon. Edmund Dillahunty; Secrets of a secret society/Rev. Leroy M. Lee; An o'er true tale/Rev. William Winans; Philosophy of the temperance cause/Rev. Thomas O. Summers; Causes and consequences of temperate drinking/Daniel Drake; The temperance enterprise: A Christian work/Rev. J. H. Heywood; The license law/Rev. John Miller; The rum-seller/Rev. Joseph Cross; The objects of our order--Our duty as citizens/Hon. Edmund Dillahunty; The causes of drunkenness/Rev. M. M. Henkle; Idella Pemberton, or the prayer of faith/Rev. Philip P. Neely; The temperance reformation the duty of the Church/Rev. Lee Roy Woods; The Bible and temperance/Rev. Edward P. Humphrey; Temperance--Its philanthropy/Rev. J. H. Linn; Intemperance--Its evils and its cure/Rev. A. R. Erwin;en_US
dc.publisherLouisville : Hull and Brotheren_US
dc.relationIntellectual Underpinnings of the Civil Waren_US
dc.rightsThis document is the property of the Auburn University Libraries and is intended for non-commercial use. Users of the document are asked to acknowledge the Auburn University Libraries.en_US
dc.sourceAuburn University Librariesen_US
dc.titleLights of temperanceen_US

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