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Family instructor; or, Digest of general knowledge; comprising a complete circle of useful and entertaining information, designed for family reading, compiled from the latest and best authorities ... Illustrated with numerous engravings

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dc.creatorSears, Robert, 1810-1892
dc.descriptionThis book was compiled and published by Robert Sears, New York, in 1854. It contains essays and articles on various topics including "history, biography, literature, geography, natural history, and the other sciences." Many articles are illustrated with engravings.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsAffection of animals; American Antiquarian Soc., Worcester, Mass.; Amherst College; Amoy; Ancient tower at Newport, R.I.; Attractions of home; Barcelona, view of; Bats; Bells of St. Regis; Betel-nut tree; Bible, the; Blossoms; Book-titles; Bridgetown, Barbadoes; British trade with N.A. Indians; Buenos Ayres; Bull-hunting; Bunker Hill Monument; Butterflies; Canterbury, City of; Caoutchouc-tree, the; Capabilities; Castalia, Greece; Castes and tribes of India; Castle of Chillon; Castle, Ehrenbreitstein; Caster-oil plant; Cavern wells of Yucatan; Circassia and the Circassians; City of Stockholm; Civility; Changes of the year; Charities that sweeten life; Chemistry--Air and water; Chemistry--Sulphur; Chemistry--Carbon; Climates; Column of July, Paris; Commerce; Conversation; Cuckoo, the; Cultivation of flowers; Curiosities of natural history; Dangers of life; Dartmouth College; Death of friends; Demosthenes; Discoveries made by accident; Diving- bell, the; Domestic entertainments of the ancients; Dover Castle; Dreams; Education; Education, errors in; Earl of Ross's mammoth telescope; Eastern harems; Elizabeth Castle, Jersey; Empire of Japan; Exaggeration; False positions; Fishing in North America; First books; Foo-choo-foo; Fossil remains in North America; Fountain of Paul, at Rome; Guadaloupe; Hell-gate; Hints for preserving health; Hoopoe, the; Horned pheasants of India; Houses in Turkey and Egypt; Howard, memoir of; Human will, the; Humble-bee, the; Ice palace of St. Petersburg; Improvement of memory; Influence of rural scenes; Influence of imagination; Indian fishing in North America; Innocent gaiety; Illustrious mechanics; Institution of Deaf and Dumb, Philadelphia; Intemperance; Jaca-tree, the; Jenner, Dr. Edward, life of; Jerboa, the; Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; Knowledge of the world; Language of animals; Last arrow, the; Last hours of Washington; Legends respecting trees; Lingering good-byes; Lisbon; Living in a hurry; Love of nature; Lyre- bird, the; Madrid, City of; Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; March of mind; Measurement of time; Medicine, taking; Melrose Abbey; Men of the World; Mental courage; Mental dissipation; Mental exercise, its effects; Migration of fishes; Minute wonders of nature; Modern innovations; Modern charity; Moles; Monticello, Virginia; Moore's House, Yorktown, Va.; Moveable types; Mystery; Natural appearances on the water; Natural appearances in the heavens; Natural phenomena; New Brunswick; New South Wales; Niagara District, Upper Canada; Notes on the nose; Objects, etc., of chemical science; Ocean, the; Opinions; Passenger- pigeon, the; Pass of the Gemmi; Patronisers; Peak Cavern, England; Persecution of new ideas; Phenomena of the atmosphere; Philosopy of sound; Philosophy of vegetation; Physiognomy; Pilgrims in the desert; Pleasures and pains of memory; Pompeii; Preternatural rains; Profanity; Profession; Providence; Pulaski Monument, Georgia; Relationship; Religion of China; Republic of San Marino; River St. Clair and Indians, etc.; Rockford, Illinois; Romance of insect life; St. Larence, Quebec; Save me from my friends; Scene on the Hudson, etc.; Secret of happiness; Secret of success; Science and religion; Self-deniers; Self- discipline; Seven wise men of Greece; Shanghai; Silent academy of Ispahan; Sir Walter Raleigh; Skill of the ancient Egyptians; Smiles; Snakes; Sound under water; Stepping-stones of the Dudden; Stockholm, City of; Streets of Constantinople; Strength of character; Superstitions respecting animals; Serf and bore of India; Temple Church; Temple of Somnanth; Theological Seminary, Princeton; Theories of light; Tiger-hunting in India; Time, essay on; Titles of honor; Tomb of Washington; Tombs of the Chinese; Too late; Trogon, the; Turkish coffee-houses; Unfortunate men of genius; Villages of the North American Indians; Washington; Washington at eighteen; Washington, headquarters of, at Morristown; Water newt, the; Weather prognostications; What is honest dealing; Wild-cat, the; Yorktown, Virginia; Youth;en_US
dc.publisherNew York, R. Searsen_US
dc.relationIntellectual Underpinnings of the Civil Waren_US
dc.rightsThis document is the property of the Auburn University Libraries and is intended for non-commercial use. Users of the document are asked to acknowledge the Auburn University Libraries.en_US
dc.sourceAuburn University Librariesen_US
dc.titleFamily instructor; or, Digest of general knowledge; comprising a complete circle of useful and entertaining information, designed for family reading, compiled from the latest and best authorities ... Illustrated with numerous engravingsen_US

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